Merry Christmas 2013

Christmas day

Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating and Happy Holidays as well. Today was our home family Christmas celebration and it was a great deal of fun and luckily more relaxing because we were all pretty exhausted.

How we all felt Christmas Morning. LOL

How we all felt Christmas Morning. LOL

LM was more excited upon waking up that Doctor Who was on than the fact that there were presents under the Christmas tree but she got the hang of it soon.

christmas day2

Kipper was lounging in LM’s new play kitchen sink having a good time. When LM pulled the paper off and saw the kitchen she was way more excited that Kipper was there than anything else. She spent the whole afternoon watching Doctor Who and playing with her kitchen and it’s pieces. It was so nice to just relax at home and have our family time. We are truly blessed.

christmas day3 christmas day4

We haven’t decided quite when we will take the Christmas tree and decorations down (sometime before New Years I am sure but perhaps we will wait until Epiphany) but we did decide that until such time as we do Kipper will remain in a “chill” status. He hangs out in LM’s basket above her kitchen and she plays with him a little bit. When holiday celebrations settle down we will pick a date to take our stuff down and then Kipper will say his goodbyes. I think that will allow LM to get used to him not being as much of a factor in her daily life and we can phase him out until next year.

What a wonderful Christmas season this is and for us as Byzantine Catholics it isn’t over just yet. We start now the 12 days of Christmas as we read readings of holy follows and the journeys that lead to Epiphany, January 6th the visit of the Magi to baby Jesus. For us, the Christmas season ends then.

Blessings to you all.


Kipper’s Christmas Eve


Kipper was well rested from his time off and hit Christmas Eve with full force. He started off in the morning hanging out in the LM’s stocking which was full of all sorts of fun goodies for the day. A water paint coloring book, Christmas PJs for when we opened gifts at Oma & Papa’s later in the evening, a candy-cane, some cupie oranges, a new electric toothbrush, and a cute little basket for her stuff. Boy was she excited.

elf24.1 elf24.2

She spent Christmas Eve day painting in her new painting coloring book as her activity and then we got ready for Christmas Eve Liturgy. After church we went to Oma & Papa’s (my parents) and opened presents and visited with everyone. It was a great deal of fun though extremely exhausting.


From our Family to yours we hope you had a fantastic and wonderful Christmas!

LM Christmas Eve 2013 2 years old.

LM Christmas Eve
2013 2 years old.




Our Family 2013



Kipper’s Day 22 & 23

I have been under the weather and SCM has been gone at work so poor Kipper has been neglected and his Elf duties and activities rather suspended these last couple of days. While he hasn’t moved far from the piano in the morning LM still has plenty of fun with him throughout the day. She has learned that even if he isn’t in a new or different place she can do something fun and exciting with him. Ring around the rosie, toy car rides, being carried in the doll carrier, and eating with LM seem to be the favorite activities of Kipper these last couple of days.

Today Kipper has some time with SCM getting his “Owie fixed”. LM managed to, after trying all month, yank Kipper’s hat right off his head. Though she had been trying to accomplish the task of removing his hat she was very upset when it actually came off. Dada was quick to glue it back on and have Kipper back to normal in no time. LM was very concerned about him all afternoon and when we returned home from errands she gave him a pat and told him;

It okay Kipper all better. Hat on. All better Kipper. Good boy. Hat stay on.

She decided that once Kipper had his elf hat back on she should wear hers as well! I love how she has made “friends” with Kipper, and I am glad that he is all fixed up and ready for his hardest work of all these next couple of days. At least he has had a good rest in with two days off that he should be right on his toes for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

My Little Elf

My Little Elf

Kipper’s Day 16, 17, & 18

I have not been feeling so great these last few days so I have been horribly slacking in both Kipper and his activities as well as posting about them. Ah the joys of the third trimester.

Kipper’s Day 16

elf16Monday I was feeling pretty sick and was laid up in bed so Daddy handled Kipper for the day. Kipper didn’t have an activity because he was too busy floating away with LM’s birthday balloons. LM did find it quite hilarious that Kipper was holding her balloons, and she spent the afternoon carrying them both around. I think LM’s biggest activity on Monday was getting in some good Daddy time which has been hard to come by lately between work and finals.

Kipper’s Day 17

elf17So Tuesday I really just didn’t have the energy so Kipper was found curled up in a blanket “taking a break”. He was a tired Elf and needed a day off. LM was very happy to see him resting and gave him her MagnaDoodle so that he could draw and rest. We all spent the day resting as my leg and pelvic pain has been beyond painful and moving around is excruciating lately and LM was more than willing to do nothing all day.

I am grateful that she is so understanding when I forget about Kipper or things get hectic. I think it is hilarious that she gets more excited about him doing silly nothings than some of her activities and I love that it just all fun for her. It warms my heart to see her get so much joy out of one silly little Elf.

Kipper’s Day 18

Today Kipper was found in quite the position. He was all tied up in the baby monitor cords, something LM found to be beyond hilarious.


 Even after she unwrapped him she spent the afternoon wrapping him back up and laughing the shouting “oh noes Kipper stuck”. It made me giggle.
elf18.2So, why was Kipper wrapped up in the baby monitor?

Well, LM trusty monitor broke the beginning of the week, and we have been trying very hard to find a new one that worked as well as our last. Kipper was wrapped up in monitor purchase #2 which sucked even more than monitor purchase #1 of the week. LM’s activity today was to help Mommy find a new simple audio only baby monitor that didn’t have feedback and didn’t pick up the neighbors house. Finally a Graco monitor was found that looks like it will do the trick. We are trying it for the first time tonight but so far – no static feedback so that is already better than the other two! YAY!

Though the activities that LM and Kipper do aren’t always Christmas related and sometimes don’t even happen at all she always has fun with him and enjoys seeing him and finding him everyday and to me, that makes it all worth it.

Kipper’s Day 14 & 15

It’s been a long couple of days between LM’s birthday party Friday and a wedding last night I am exhausted, so I fell asleep before posting last night.

Day 14


Today Kipper was found stuffed into a drawer in the kitchen searching around for the plastic trash bags. LM thought it was particularly funny that he was in the drawer.

Donation Bag

Donation Bag

Today’s activity is to take the bag and go through all of her toys and clothes and to decide what things she doesn’t want or fit into anymore and those items will be bagged up and donated to those who do need them. She found it very exciting to put everything in a bag even if she wasn’t completely able to understand the more complex meaning behind it all.

Day 15


Today was a lazy day in our household. Kipper was no exception as he was found snuggled up with LM’s most prized blankie this morning on the couch. Today our activities were for Mommy &  LM (and Kipper of course) to snuggle and watch football while LM filled out her Thank You cards from her birthday. Dada had Army work today so he wasn’t able to be home with us.

Kipper hugs and snuggles during lazy day.

Kipper hugs and snuggles during the lazy day.


Beautiful thank you note drawings.


What has your Elf been up to this weekend?

Kipper’s Day 13



Today Kipper was stashed most precariously in a box full of goodie bags. Since today was LM’s birthday her activity wasn’t at all Christmas related. Instead, her activity was getting to go pick up her birthday cake from the store with Daddy while Mommy and Kipper set up the house for her rainbow unicorn themed 2nd birthday party. Though she loves all of her activities she came home with her cake especially ecstatic about today’s adventure. The joy in her voice when she returned home and informed me that;

“Dada and me-me and the cake. We got the cake. mmmmm Cake. Yay. cake. Kipper have cake too!!”


was just absolutely incredible and heart warming. I think it was extra special too because their trip was in the first real snow fall of the season so there was an extra sense of magic to the day.

One of the best parts of LM’s adventure with Daddy today, for her birthday, was simply that he was able to be here. Daddy missed her first birthday due to his deployment so his ability to be present this year was extra special to all of us.


2 Years

Two years ago at 01:56, after far to long at the hospital and sheer exhaustion we welcomed into the world our precious Little Miss. I truly cannot believe that it has already been 2 years. She is growing up so quickly and watching her grow and develop and blossom every single day is such an amazing gift and blessing.

LM has had a pretty amazing year. Halfway through the year LM was able to see her daddy again as he came home from his deployment. She started walking, decided around 16 months she was done nursing, found out she was going to be a big sister, and so very much more. She is stubborn and strong willed, bold and brave, tricky and a handful, but more than anything she is such an amazing gift and blessing. She always makes us laugh and smile, and certainly always keep us on our toes. I am so beyond grateful to be her mommy and for all the amazing things she shows and teaches me every single day.

A few hours after birth 12/13/11

A few hours after birth

Today 2 years later.

Today 2 years later.

LM had such a wonderful birthday today. A unicorn rainbow party that just made her squeal and playing with all her friends and family really made her day.