The Unconventional Family

My family isn’t ordinary, in fact the dynamics of my family I find to be rather extraordinary. My blended family isn’t the typical one many think of, to be sure, it is far from it. While the family that most people see on a regular basis from me is SCM and LM and now the ever growing baby bump, that is far from what my family really is. Beyond the surface is the rest of our family, the first of our family, my birth daughter.

Angel Baby as I have referred to her here a few times is nearly four years old and we see her and her family (her mom, dad, brother, and doggy) a couple times a year and thanks to modern technology stay in touch daily. With the open adoption that we have AB is able to grow up not only knowing where she came from originally and know how much her first family still loves her,  but how grateful *I* am that she has such an amazing family to grow up with. She is also able to see and play with one of her favorite people in the world her “baby shishter” LM which is truly a precious thing to behold. Having the gift to continue to be in AB’s life is truly a blessing, as is the connection that both SCM and I have with her and her family.

This previous weekend (I am so slow at keeping up with this blog it is horrible) AB and her Momma came out to our neck of the woods for a 4 day visit and boy was it a blast. With swim time, sleepovers, play dates, and a big extended family gathering I couldn’t have ask for a better, albeit busy, weekend with my family and I am beyond blessed with what my family is made up of.

I have been ask a few times how I could “give up” my daughter, a term by the way that I loathe, because the truth is I didn’t give her up, I chose a family for her that could, at that point in my life, give her all the things I ever wanted for her. I didn’t lose her I gained a whole other family to add to my own, and that isn’t a sorrowful thing by any means.

And now without further a-do some snapshots of my family on our fantastic gathering!

My girls AB & LM

Me with the girls ❤

The girls and their momma’s.


SCM & the girls.


AB with her Mom and FIrst Mom. <3<3<3




The Magic Number is …

17 Months. 

LM turned 17 months old last Monday and I am excited to say that this is the last age milestone she will reach before her Daddy comes back home! 

When he left she was a little infant and now she is a big toddler. What a change.

When he left she was a little infant and now she is a big toddler. What a change.

I look forward to see how our family changes and grows with SCM/Dada back home, it’s been too long!

Expiration Date

Did you know, that somewhere on the bosom of a nursing/lactating mother is a sticker that says “Expires: blank day and time” or “Best if used by?” It’s right next to the full or out of milk gauge we come installed with too.

 Did you find it?

You know I searched high and low for mine and couldn’t for the life of me find it. Apparently though according to random strangers, family members, and every one else who feels they can pipe in on my parenting choices, now that Little Miss is one year old my breast milk has “expired.”

According to them apparently I’ve missed – the human billboard I am for when milk goes bad and I should stop nursing.

Gone are the days when a child decides when they are done getting the best milk they can ever have, instead we force to wean, spend hours painfully engorged because our baby and our body were not ready. A milk that helps them fight disease, the is a cure-all for so many ailments.  Have an ear-ache? Squirt of breast milk and it’s gone. What about a cruddy eye? Yup breast milk will get ride of that too. Have a fever, here have some breast milk. There is a reason babies/toddlers/little people have breast milk, it’s made FOR them, and there is no expiration date on that. In fact the longer a baby of a type 1 diabetic receives breast milk the less chance they have of they themselves becoming diabetic.

The pressure to wean can be overwhelming. From the nasty glares and rude comments, to the unsolicited advice about your parenting, to the sly remarks that you realize hours later were digs at the fact that you had a toddler on your breast. But stay strong, your body, your milk, you baby know best!

No matter what your pediatrician might say, or your mother, or your mother-in-law, or the random nosy lady at the supermarket there is, and never will be an expiration date for your breast milk. It will stop when your child needs it/wants it to stop. When your body is ready. Trust your body to do what it was born/built to do, your child will be happier and healthier for it and so will you.

So the  next time someone tells you

They are too old for that.

If they can ask, they can have a cup.

When are you going to stop nursing?

Or anything of the sort have a ready bucket of answers for them.

When someone makes the comment “If they can ask for it then they shouldn’t still be nursing” I politely as I can point out that we strive to teach our children to “ask for what they want” but in the matter of breast feeding we turn around and say that once they can ask for it, it means we tell them NO. That logically makes zero sense. If they can ask for it, it means they are developing and appropriately learning how to communicate their needs. Why punish that by then saying, “well no you actually CAN’T have what you ask for.”

Most of the time this leads people to stare blankly at me followed by an, “Oh”.

If I get told they are “too old” I normally retort with, “What makes them too old?” Normally they either have no answer or it’s the above answer in which I already have a response to.

If the last, I simply say “When she decides.” Normally that elicits an eye roll or two but I have learn to laugh about it. Which normally makes people feel awkward enough to walk away.

Sometimes it is hard to remember when people are on your back, but you have no expiration date! It is one of the many many things that makes breast milk so wonderful. Never expires. Never is too warm or too cold.  So trust your body, You have this!

Someone sent this to me and I had to add it because it is PERFECT!

What are some  answers you’ve found work well for you when met with those nosy about nursing people?