Autumn Time Changes

Well Autumn has arrived in my neck of the woods and I am loving it. It is by far my favorite season. With the Fall breeze, the changing leaves, and the hustle and bustle of life  sets in.

It’s been a great while since I have posted last, as I have allowed life to get in the way and my time management skills. I have lacked slotting in time to focus on writing that isn’t part of my scholarly work. Graduate school is going well thus-far and my biggest obstacle is making quiet time for me to truly focus on my work and put all that I know I am capable into it. I am four weeks in to a twelve week quarter though and so far, so good.

The children are growing up faster than I would like to admit. LM is nearly three and has hit the chaos that goes with that age frame. We have frequent episodes of dramatics, yelling, screaming, overwhelming (for us both) times and she is still being stubborn on potty use but is still working on it. On the flip side to the CRAZY threes (seriously twos have nothing on threes) she is making huge developmental strides. LM’s newest fascination is dressing herself, she loves to change a million times a day all by herself. It isn’t always right side in, or on just right but the concept is growing every day and I am very proud of that fact. She also is attending a play-school taught by a friend of mine twice a week. She is able to play with her friends and do some learning and activities, it has been fantastic for her and she absolutely LOVES it. Her conversational skills are also quite amusing – she is totally 2 1/2 going on 15.

MM is almost 8 months old, which is hard to believe. He has two bottom teeth and is working hard to get the top two to pop in as well. He crawls like a madman and regularly gets mad that he can’t walk like LM can. He wants to get around so badly and do everything. He is still quite the chunk and has a huge amount of personality. He also is still his daddy’s little clone.

I fill my days with child rearing, school work, and spending time with my best friend who is staying with me at the moment. My days are often overwhelming and I find myself needing to take more time to rest and reevaluate than I have in years past. I feel myself reflecting on things differently than I have at previous stages of my life.

As the Autumn air fills my lungs I remember the big things and the little things I must accomplish. I acknowledge the feelings I have for everything going on in my life right now and I center myself in the acceptance of my abilities and the focus of my mood. This journey we are embarking on will not be easy, but it is more than possible.


Growing Up

LM is 16 1/2 months old now, my oh my how time flies.  So, here is a little about her these days!!!

She loves to play in the water when the weather permits.

She loves climbing into her saucer HER way. Loves it more now than she ever used to.

Like her Momma she is a big fan of Passion Lemonade from Starbucks. What a great treat!

The sticker says it all 😉

Talking to the baby monitor is the thing to do!

Starting a healthy exercise routine early. Or preventing Mama from doing so. Not sure the motives. 🙂

And finally. Never far from her Blankie

I can’t believe how big she is. She is so full of life and personality and it makes me so happy to watch her thrive and develop and grow. I cannot wait until SCM returns home and can experience it all with us as well.  She jabbers away, signs, and officially has stopped nursing. She is growing up so fast. My beautiful, wonderful, LM.

Are we Ready?

This past week I decided to swap my office with LM’s nursery. The size of the rooms are the same but the flipped layout made it much better to switch. During the switch we had to take the crib apart, boy was it fun chasing LM with bolts and pieces to her crib. Took me 15 minutes to find the allen wrench she stuck in her pants. Oh – toddler joys.

LM was quickly VERY excited at her crib not quite being a crib, and Harley, the family dog was pretty thrilled too.

I decided that we would try the “toddler” rail instead of her full crib bed since she was oh so excited about it and see how it went.  At 15 months I was in a toddler bed and SCM has no idea what he was doing, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. I quickly realized that in the house move months earlier I had lost the screws/bolts for the toddler rail so it was off to Home Depot and a Google of the missing instructions manual to get what I needed.

All set up and good to go we tried the nap time to see how it would go. Very quickly LM learned how to hop out of the bed, sneak out of her room so quiet I didn’t even here her from my bedroom and proceed to devour pantry items. You would think I never fed her, or Harley the way they were chowing down on bread and Doritos.  4 hours later there had still been no sleep and by now it was bedtime. So we gave it a valiant bedtime to go. 2 hours into that and my once wonderful sleeper was a mischief maker who was so distraught about being put back into bed she was hyperventilating.

I want to say I gave it a trial, a real one, but the truth is I didn’t. I caved. If SCM had been home maybe I would have continued to work with it, but with just the two of us and me needing sleep the full on crib rail went up at about 9pm that evening. We locked it in and I laid her town and low and behold not 2 minutes later, with no fuss LM was sound asleep.

What I learned from this experience is that while she is able to use a toddler bed she isn’t ready to understand what it takes to be in one so for now we are sticking with the crib and all getting a great nights rest.

When did your LO transfer to a toddler bed? What was your experiences with it?

A day in the life

of a now 15 month old!

LM has a lot of time for independent play with just the two of us in the house and she takes full advantage of everything in the home to learn and grow. We rarely do structured learning because she just is not all that into it but she loves exploring her senses all on her own with the things around the home.

She carried this carrot around ALL day. Yes, it’s a real carrot. She chewed on it, she played with it, she used it as a hammer. It was adorable to watch her explore with it and its uses.

She LOVES sunglasses. She will wear anyone’s but especially the ones I purchased for her a couple weeks ago.

She has “parties” with her kids Tupperware Sets and it’s ADORABLE! She pours from her pitcher while making a “ssssshhhhaaa” sound. Followed but multitudes of giggles. It makes me so very happy to watch her explore those things, place the pieces, in and out of each other. It will entertain her for hours.

(LOL) She adores using my bowls as hats and running around the house like she is wearing “Dada’s Hmut (Helmet)”  She is also small enough, or rather her Uncle E is big enough that they can share clothes. Below she is totally sporting my baby brother’s outfit. (hehe)

She also love taking my Origami Owl boxes, opening them and sticking them on her nose. She enjoys the feeling and laughs every time.

A few weeks ago we tried “sensory bags”. Rice/pudding/dried flowers etc. and LM had ZERO interest in any of it, but these things, the things around the house. The way the carpet or rug feel, the way the piano sounds, the way it feels when she jumps off the coffee table or the way it feels when she runs around with a bowl on her head clanking other Tupperware pieces together, that is what she is all about and I am completely okay with that. She is learning and independence along with a structure that will benefit her a great deal as she grows up. I look forward to seeing where to continues to lead her!

“I am my own person…Respect me!”

This week has been an examination of my parenting abilities as I learned and re-learned and observed LM’s cues and desires of accepted practices. She is fierce and has no problems telling anyone if things are not to her liking, if her space is being challenged, or if she is just generally done with someone.

The problem I have encountered is adults, and sometimes other children, who refuse to see her as her own person with her own needs. Many adults try to handle every situation with every kid the exact same way and that is not practical because every child/person is different even if they are only 13 1/2 months old. When approached on the subject they are upset at the prospect of changing THEIR tactics to meet the needs of someone else.

This week I have learned and re-learned the following about my fierce, beautiful, independent, strong willed, amazing Little Miss.

1.She does not like help unless she asks, helping without permission results in a scream followed by some “not mommys” and a head shake. 

     2. While taking a shower with mommy is fine, mommy taking a bath with her is highly unacceptable and results in “not mommy” followed by attempts to push, pull, shove, or head butt mommy out of the tub. Once out mommy is told to “stay” with hand motion included.

     3.Cuddles must be indicated by her otherwise they are unwelcome. 

     4.Talking close in her face (something aunts and uncles love to do) results often in a slap and shout and push.

     5.If she signs indicating something and I do not acknowledge her she will take my hand and sign it on me and then give me the ” well…” Look.


While all these things are good in the aspect that she is exerting her will and making it known what she wants and how she wants it, it is a balancing act to make sure that not only are other people, young or old, respecting her boundaries but that she is learning to handle it appropriately when they don’t.

At a less interactive level I love watching her apply herself and “take the lead” so to speak. To see her grow into her own little being is truly a remarkable thing to watch happen. We have been working on using words or signs to express when we are unhappy about a situation vs hitting or being mean and it is slowly getting through. Every moment that something like that happens and she handles a situation a little differently than she would have preferred is such a proud Mommy moment for me. She truly is amazing.

Every child is different, and just as you wish to be treated in manners that help you be the best person you can be remember to show the same respect to other people especially our children who are searching for their sense of self.









How did/does your child(ren) express their personality/needs/desires and preferences? What have you  found works well for helping them deal with more tense moments, perhaps when someone is not respecting their boundaries?



13 Months

Little Miss turned 13 months old this last Sunday and boy was it a fun day. Not only was it the day we found my dream dress but it was also the day she started walking/running.

She toddles around all the time now, constantly using her new found freedom of two vs. four limbs to move around with pride and giggles. As she walks she laughs, claps, and even shrieks with excitement as she plows around the house.

Daddy (SCM) was able to call this morning after a week or so of silence and LM was more than willing to show off her new skills. Running back and forth from the Ipad, clapping and shouting “Daddy Daddy Daddy HI Daddy” over and over again. Her mood significantly increases when she is able to see her Daddy.

In other news baby pig tails are still the cutest things EVER and LM has enough hair to have them. It makes me giggle every time.


She is getting so big and I just can’t believe it. It is wonderful to see her grow and learn. She loves sitting in her play corner reading her books to herself. She is fiercely independent like me and extremely meticulous and musical like her Daddy. It is amazing to see those parts of us in her as well as to see the parts that are just so uniquely her own. She is quite amazing. I can’t wait for the day that Daddy is home and we can sit together and enjoy our beautiful family.

Growing Up is Hard to Do…for both of us

This week I was reminded that growing up is hard work, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a tragedy.

LM has been on the go for months, teetering on the brink of walking independently, exerting her extreme desire for independence – even if it means a boo-boo here or there. She shouts when she wants something, signs please and thank-you, even says “Hi”, “Daddy”, “yay”, and even occasionally “Mommy”. She nurses only a few times during the day of her own accord and wants “mommy eats” the rest of the time. She has also become a pro with a straw and loves her water and the occasional drink of Eggnog.

My baby is turning into a toddler before my eyes. Growing, changing, molding her own little personality that has many traits of SCM and Me but also some that are just so independently her. In fact, she is turning the big “1” in just a matter of days, we are officially in the single digits until my baby is a toddler.

I keep saying to people

“I am not sure how I feel about her birthday”

that isn’t because I am sad to watch her grow up, it isn’t because I don’t want her to, the sadness stems from something else entirely. I am sad because her “baby” period is over and Daddy missed it. That is what hurts my heart the most that Daddy missed so much of her baby-hood. I know he will be here for Toddler-hood, and the challenges of Adolescents but for some reason it is hard for me to know he missed that short little baby window in so many ways.

Sexy Czech Medic, while sad in some ways is so happy she is growing up into her own little person despite having missed to much of the early times. He has a much better attitude about “missing out” then me. And upon reflecting that exact phrase … “missing out” I realized that it only feels that way if I let it feel that way. SCM is just blessed to have her and see her when he can and hear all about what she is doing, LM won’t be able to look back and remember, and I, I am mommy, so I am piling on feelings enough for all three of us.

So I have been trying to just enjoy LM and be excited for her growing up and her birthday, and make it as much fun for her and as recorded and noted as possible for Daddy. Because I AM glad that she is growing into the wonderful little lady that she is and I want her to feel and know that.

LM’s “growing pains” have been much more flamboyant than my own, though they do have similarities. Such as random fits of tears and meltdowns.

Little Miss has become very daring as she climbs things such as the piano, coffee table, and even the dishwasher. She has no fear and it has cost her a couple bumps and bruises this week as she tried to jump onto the coffee table and broke her fall with her lip. It didn’t hold her back at all though as she attempted it again just minutes later. She loves attempting to take down the Christmas Tree, eat the dogs toys and scream with flying arms if she doesn’t get her way.

Sleeping at night has become a challenge as she has started waking up screaming. I pray it is just her teeth and she isn’t taking after Daddy in having nightmares. We’ve been co-sleeping again more and more to try to get her to sleep through the night but often I become a jungle gym, so I’ve had to make the choice to put her down and let her work it out, sometimes with me – sometimes in her crib.

Often during the day she becomes bored with Mommy and being in the house and it leads to more power struggles during the day than I would like, and a much more frazzled mommy than I would prefer. I’ve started trying to remember to get out of the house, if only for a walk or quick trip to the store or Grandma’s house. The change of scenery, the activity, does wonders for us both.

With LM’s pains I have come to realize the following 5 things in particular:

1. Patience Really is a Virtue: She is struggling with this transition to Toddler-hood just as much as I am struggling to adjust to her being there. If I look at it that way and NOT like a malicious attack on myself I am able to better evaluate the situation and find a solution that is much more appropriate then reacting out of hast.

2. Some Days Just Suck: Yup I said it. Some days just aren’t good days. BUT – that is Okay. Those are days to take a deep breathe, snuggle when I can, give her space to just do her messy thing and breathe. Tomorrow will be better, it isn’t the end of the world, I didn’t fail as a parent.

3. My Cues are Her Cues: This is a big one I have noticed. When I am in a crappy mood for whatever reason, chances are she is in one too. And then it turns into power play because I am cranky and she is cranky and it turns into one of those “sucky days” when maybe it didn’t have to. If I remember to make the effort to wake up on the “proper side of the bed” chances are she will have a better day then if I didn’t. We are human and we feed off of one another’s emotions, even if we don’t intend to.

4. Let the Mess Happen: It is vital to allow children the ability to play on their own. To explore, test their boundaries safely, and yes make a mess. So those times with LM decides to empty the pantry, or the cupboard, or dump every toy box in the house I remember to let it happen and worry about the mess later. I let her play with the curtains and offer gentle reminders “not to pull” if she starts, I let her bang on the piano and explore her musical side (so much like Daddy), I let her bang on the washer and dryer, and even pull my yarn apart because saying “YES” has more developmental and sanity benefits than all the “No’s” in the world.

5. Find Laughter: No matter what the day holds, if it’s a “sucky” day or an “awesome” day. Laugh. Laugh for yourself, for your children, for everyone. Find something to laugh about because laughter lifts the spirits. So especially on sucky days, find a a reason to laugh. I found today that LM LOVES when I tickle her with my toes, but only if I have socks on, we had a blast today. She was full of so many giggles from sun up to sun down. Her laughter made me laugh and it turned what started out to be a sucky day into a pretty darn good one. 

What were your hardest moments as your children transitioned? For you? For them?