Book Reading for the Ever Busy – The Kindle Paperwhite

I have been looking into “E-Readers” for months now trying to find one that fit everything I wanted and needed. With a desire to read more books, but a lifestyle that makes it impossible I was beginning to feel as if my brain was slowly dying from lack of stimulation.

Now, I love paper books but as a mom of two who constantly has her hands full and has a toddler who LOVES to “help”, I either don’t have the free hands to read a paper book, or I am trying to keep it from being too well loved and covered in water, food, or general baby drool. Constantly worrying about books getting damaged, not having the time to run out and browse a library for hours on end like I did in my youth (ahh the memories), and not having a clue what to actually read has taken my reading time down to a shameful amount. In fact, in 2013 I read a whopping THREE books. Yup, that is right THREE. That is beyond pathetic.

So, I began the  e-reader search. I have an IPad but it doesn’t allow me to read outdoors because of the glare, it’s also heavy and cumbersome, at home I have nearly dropped it on a nursing baby on more than one occasion. My Ipad also has so many other things on it that, I am not gonna lie, I get distracted doing everything else.

The first thing I did was look at what I wanted in an E-Reader.

  1. Something JUST for books. I wanted to be able to use it for reading and only reading.
  2. A reader that allows me to read indoors or outdoors in all lighting situations.
  3. A reader that is compatible with lending, free books, and a has a wide range of purchase options for books.
  4. A reader that was simple. Easy to find and download books. Easy to handle.
  5. Lightweight and easy to use with one hand –  because commonly that is all I have free.

After a great deal of searching I had opted not to go for the Nooks because I didn’t like how pricey it was to buy books and the limited range for where to get books from that it offered. I checked the Kindle and Kindle Fire but just wasn’t a fan. They did *TOO* much. I wanted basic. And that was when I saw something for the Kindle Paperwhite. The more I looked into the Paperwhite the more intrigued I was.

The Kindle Paperwhite is a black & white E-Reader that has adjustable lighting so that you can read inside, outside, bright lights, darkness, without extra strain on your eyes. It’s small and compact. I can easily fit it in my purse, hold it with one hand and read while I am nursing, and it has a battery life of  5-8  weeks. I also love that it saves my spot when I have to leave it or shut it quickly, no flipping to try to figure out where I was before mommyhood called. The Paperwhite like all Kindle devices runs from Amazon which is where you can purchase books, or if you have Prime you can be a part of the lending library where you can borrow thousands of titles for free. Another great place to find books is Book Basset, and online shop that posts a handful of books a day that you can get absolutely FREE! With WIFI capabilities the Paperwhite allows you to download books anywhere you have a connection. You can also plug it into your computer via USB and upload books directly if you prefer.

At a retail price of only $119 this new piece of technology has become an instant best friend to me. I am already deep into a brand new book that I can easily read with one hand, in the dark, at 3 am, while nursing a fussy newborn, and it doesn’t wake him or kill my eyes. I look forward to loading up even more books of all genres and being able to expand and stimulate my mind continually while balancing and juggling all the other aspects of my chaotic mommy and wife life.20140228-172935.jpg

Paper books will always hold a special place for me, there is nothing like the smell of an old book or going to the library to browse the days away, and there will always be real books in my home but for the day to day and the busy times, the Kindle Paperwhite is the perfect solution to all my book reading needs and a very good investment.


What are YOU reading right now?


Kipper the Elf – Why I changed my mind on the “Elf on the Shelf” Tradition

The concept of “Elf on the Shelf” is one I have seen around these last few years and thought about doing in our household. I teetered on the idea because I hadn’t been able to fully come to terms with some of the concepts.  The thought of teaching LM that there was a little creature that would come in and spy on her and then tattle if she had been good or not, and that that was somehow indicative of her receiving presents for Christmas just left a funny taste in my mouth. The thought that something was “sneaking” into our safe place, our home, also was a concept I was fighting. I’ve spent nearly 2 years now debating on if this was a tradition I wanted in my home or if it was just not something that was inline with our main style of parenting. Unable to come to a decision last year I held off, and this year SCM and I had a talk about it. I brought up my concerns and he reminded me of a few key things that ultimately became the reason we decided to give this tradition a go after all.

1. We don’t have to play by all the “rules” of the tradition/game.

2. By avoiding the tradition because *I* feel it could make her confused, or feel somehow unsafe I am denying her the ability to make that call on her own. I am not allowing her to enjoy the tradition for what it is, but rather pushing my bias of the concept onto her, and that really isn’t fair. Likely she will not read that much into the tradition and just have a blast with it. IF the day were to come where she was concerned about how her elf came in and out then it would be the time for her to know that she is still 100% safe because Mommy and Daddy are in charge of the elf. (Ie: reason #1)

With these two things in mind I realized that this could be an amazing tradition for us as a family. I put my bias’ aside and this afternoon we purchased our very own Elf on the Shelf. We waited until after nap time to bring him out and allowed LM to name him. After a half hour of tossing out names she decided on her own that his name was going to be Kipper, and so it was to be.

So, for the Christmas season we welcome Kipper the Elf

Mr. Elf

Do you do Elf on the Shelf? What is your Elf’s name? What made you decide to do Elf on the Shelf?

Big Girl

Little Miss is coming up so every quickly on 14 months and I just can’t believe it. Her words and signing are both increasing rapidly and last night we went out for a “girls night” with some of my friends who are Deaf. It was a fantastic evening and LM signed and played peek-a-boo with a friend.

Peek-a-boo with the Olive Garden napkin

Yesterday we had a “photoshoot” too in her adorable new Carters (yes I may have an addiction) outfit. I never thought I would enjoy buying clothes, let alone tiny ones, but it is very fun.

The time out of the house made me remember how much I miss that part of my life. I miss being engaged and actively having to think and process and be challenged. It’s not to say that I am not challenged at home with LM it’s just not the same kind of challenge. I am learning how to balance it all, slowly though, as well as working on some goals. I am hoping I am able to make as much of all of them as I plan.

After kids what did you start doing for *YOU* time? To keep an active mind?