Merry Christmas 2013

Christmas day

Merry Christmas to everyone celebrating and Happy Holidays as well. Today was our home family Christmas celebration and it was a great deal of fun and luckily more relaxing because we were all pretty exhausted.

How we all felt Christmas Morning. LOL

How we all felt Christmas Morning. LOL

LM was more excited upon waking up that Doctor Who was on than the fact that there were presents under the Christmas tree but she got the hang of it soon.

christmas day2

Kipper was lounging in LM’s new play kitchen sink having a good time. When LM pulled the paper off and saw the kitchen she was way more excited that Kipper was there than anything else. She spent the whole afternoon watching Doctor Who and playing with her kitchen and it’s pieces. It was so nice to just relax at home and have our family time. We are truly blessed.

christmas day3 christmas day4

We haven’t decided quite when we will take the Christmas tree and decorations down (sometime before New Years I am sure but perhaps we will wait until Epiphany) but we did decide that until such time as we do Kipper will remain in a “chill” status. He hangs out in LM’s basket above her kitchen and she plays with him a little bit. When holiday celebrations settle down we will pick a date to take our stuff down and then Kipper will say his goodbyes. I think that will allow LM to get used to him not being as much of a factor in her daily life and we can phase him out until next year.

What a wonderful Christmas season this is and for us as Byzantine Catholics it isn’t over just yet. We start now the 12 days of Christmas as we read readings of holy follows and the journeys that lead to Epiphany, January 6th the visit of the Magi to baby Jesus. For us, the Christmas season ends then.

Blessings to you all.


Saint Nicholas Day – Kipper’s Day 6

December 6,  is a special day in our household and many like ours, and it has nothing to do with Kipper. Today, we celebrate Saint Nicholas Day, a tradition where we honor the humble Saint Nicholas who would go about the towns and leave money for young women so that they could marry, as well as many other great deeds. The tales of his work very from country to country. Patron Saint of children, sailors, prisoners, and many more. Saint Nicholas and the story of his deeds is where the modern Santa Claus and Father Christmas tales have stemmed from.

In many countries on the eve of the 6th of November, children put out their shoes which in the morning are filled with a small treat or activity or goodie from Saint Nicholas. We use our stockings. LM’s was filled with an orange, some chapstick, a little car magna doodle for our traveling, and a candy cane full of her favorite treat of sweet tarts.


Kipper also huddled in a stocking today, precariously holding a lone sock.


The sock was because today’s activity was picking out a couple packages of socks that we will donate to the local homeless, a yearly tradition for us.

After she figured out how to reach into her stocking and pull stuff out with excitement she lovingly shoved Kipper head down back into her big stocking to “relax” for the rest of the day. Only his ankles were to be seen.

What did your Elf get up to Today?