The Unconventional Family

My family isn’t ordinary, in fact the dynamics of my family I find to be rather extraordinary. My blended family isn’t the typical one many think of, to be sure, it is far from it. While the family that most people see on a regular basis from me is SCM and LM and now the ever growing baby bump, that is far from what my family really is. Beyond the surface is the rest of our family, the first of our family, my birth daughter.

Angel Baby as I have referred to her here a few times is nearly four years old and we see her and her family (her mom, dad, brother, and doggy) a couple times a year and thanks to modern technology stay in touch daily. With the open adoption that we have AB is able to grow up not only knowing where she came from originally and know how much her first family still loves her,  but how grateful *I* am that she has such an amazing family to grow up with. She is also able to see and play with one of her favorite people in the world her “baby shishter” LM which is truly a precious thing to behold. Having the gift to continue to be in AB’s life is truly a blessing, as is the connection that both SCM and I have with her and her family.

This previous weekend (I am so slow at keeping up with this blog it is horrible) AB and her Momma came out to our neck of the woods for a 4 day visit and boy was it a blast. With swim time, sleepovers, play dates, and a big extended family gathering I couldn’t have ask for a better, albeit busy, weekend with my family and I am beyond blessed with what my family is made up of.

I have been ask a few times how I could “give up” my daughter, a term by the way that I loathe, because the truth is I didn’t give her up, I chose a family for her that could, at that point in my life, give her all the things I ever wanted for her. I didn’t lose her I gained a whole other family to add to my own, and that isn’t a sorrowful thing by any means.

And now without further a-do some snapshots of my family on our fantastic gathering!

My girls AB & LM

Me with the girls ❤

The girls and their momma’s.


SCM & the girls.


AB with her Mom and FIrst Mom. <3<3<3




Happy Birthday Angel Girl

Three years ago 12/28/2009 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. So tonight I want to say Happy BIRTHDAY ANGEL GIRL!

I can’t believe it has already been three years. I love getting to see her and her beautiful family, I love watching her grow up into such a spirited girl.

12/28/09 7lbs 1oz 20inches

This year we were able to go visit and boy did Angel Girl have a fantastic time visiting with her “shish-ter” Little Miss!

First time seeing her “shister”

She loved to hug her!

Today! A beautiful big girl! ❤

Our family might not be conventional. In fact it is very unusual but I am extremely blessed because of each and every one of them.

Even the dog got in on this family picture

Me with two gorgeous girls!

Being mothers brought us together – and now we are family. So grateful that Angel Girl has such a fantastic family and that I continue to be able to be a part of her growth, life, experiences, and can continue to learn from her and her family. So beyond blessed.


When people hear that I have a child that I chose to have adopted I get a combination of interesting responses, many of which include

I’m sorry


Wow how hard


But the truth is there is nothing to be sorry about. My birth daughter has a fantastic family of which I am still a part and that is not a sad thing at all. And while it may have been difficult to come to the decision of adoption, and while leaving a hospital without a baby was horribly difficult, and while my pregnancy was emotional, I can say that all and all it isn’t hard, because once I found her family and knew beyond a doubt that they were meant for her, and her for them, she no longer belonged to me in the same way and that was perfectly okay, because while Angel Girl has and will continue to teach me so much she was meant for the family and home she is in and is blossoming ever so wonderfully. It is a special thing to get to watch.


Happy Third Birthday Angel Girl!