Into the Unknown


It is both easy and commonplace to fear that which is unknown. It is a natural feeling in the face of unexpected news or events. It quickly can bring up stress in magnitudes that make even the most simple of daily tasks daunting and impossible. Those around us feel the stress that radiates from our bodies, and anxiety and stress then become an epidemic, with no one operating with full potential. Sound familiar? Certainly does to me.

In the last month I have

  • faced weird health issues due to stress
  • been laid off from a job causing increased stress
  • found multiple new employments
  • had numerous transitions in life as both a professional and as a mother
  • completely panicked over the state of life

These events have allowed me an interesting perspective on stress, but moreso on the adventures of the unknown. While deep in my gut I had an idea a few weeks ago that I might be laid off from my job due to a decrease in clients, what I didn’t have was a backup plan should that actually happen. Which it did. Very suddenly I found myself grappling for answers and evaluating my life, my worth, and my identity in the fact that I was not gainfully employed. It was devastating to me, and yet turned out to be one of the best things that could have happened.

These events triggered the following reactions:

  • anger – pure anger at the unknown
  • determination to figure it out
  • sadness – because it made me feel incapable or inadequate
  • joy – because it allowed me to refocus on my true potential

I was laid off on a Monday which I spent very sad and angry attempting to determine what I could do. Things were thrown, bad words were said, and drinks were had.  By Tuesday I had applied for multiple new jobs in my field. By Wednesday, I had a new job lined up that would be something, until something better was available. I spent the rest of the week catching up on neglected household chores and spending extra time with my kiddos. The next week I started work, had two more interviews, and by Thursday had received a job offer that met the needs of my family and was in my field. Monday I begin a new adventure in a career that I hope will serve me for a long period of time and allow me to provide fully for myself and the kiddos.

These two weeks were the craziest and longest two weeks of inconsistency that I have experienced in a long time. In them I learned that conquering fear and conquering the unknown isn’t about not being afraid, but rather, about never giving up even when the unknown is all you have to walk into.

Conquering the unknown is about remembering a few key points:

  • You are strong enough to make it so never give up
  • You are brave enough to make it so never back down
  • You will never face more than you can truly handle so take that deep breath
  • There will be something better on the other side of the fog


  • You are never ever alone in the journey!

Find your tribe of people, your supports, and call on them, lean on them, and let them be there to assist you in your journey, that is why we are there for one another. If you feel that you have no tribe, no one that could possibly understand your life circumstances or needs please know that that tidbit of self-doubt is a lie, to make you believe that you can’t conquer the fog, but YOU CAN! Don’t be afraid to reach out. There are beautiful things on the other side of the fog of unknown, I promise!




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