Officially Official

Since I graduated college 3 years ago with my B.S. in Psychology, I have always thought about doing more, about the possibility of continuing on, but when babies, family, military, and moving came up it was pushed to the back burner.

I have tossed and turned about the practicality of continuing on with my education and finally set back and realized how badly I wanted to have something to focus on, to pursue, to do every day that actually used and challenged my mind. So, I applied for a M.S. program.

Today I received this letter:

I am beyond excited and also very nervous about what it means for the future. I know that with SCM being gone it will be some juggling and intensity but I am anxious for the challenge and cannot wait to see what the future holds by accomplishing this! It is going to be a wild ride!!!

I am so grateful for SCM for encouraging me and supporting me in wanting to take this on, especially with two littles and him not being here. 


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