Final Stretch

In many ways I can’t believe the final stretch of my pregnancy is here and in others I feel as though I have been pregnant forever, either way, here we are. It’s official I have no more than 9 (8 on the East Coast by now) days left of this third and final pregnancy.

The single digits have finally arrived, and I find myself more nervous that with my other two pregnancies. I am more than ready to meet the baby, to see what the baby looks like, and how LM does. I am ready for our family to be complete and for the new adventures that life will hold for us after this journey ends. At the same time despite my readiness I am an over planner and I worry about the logistics of everything, and having everything in order, despite knowing babies have a way of mixing all that up I still try.

We are hoping that babe comes on his/her own very soon but if not my final appointment in Wednesday, and we will make arrangements for me to be induced on Saturday the 8th. An induction is never something I had planned in the beginning, but it gives me still a very good shot at the VBAC we are planning and not a repeat C-Section. My body is dilating and responding already the way it should be and babe is very feisty to get out as contractions have been steady and hard just not quite labor hard, yet. An amazing Cranial Sacril Therapy appointment helped position baby even better this morning, and I can tell a progression for sure. I am starting to really feel labor ready in my body not just as a desire.

24hr photo difference. 37w4d & 37w5d. The difference in positioning, baby, and my body alignment after my cranial sacril appointment. AMAZING!

Here is to hoping that babe continues her/his rocking and rolling and labor decides to start up on it’s own in a more active fashion in the next couple of days, that birth goes smoothly and without trauma, that babe is happy and healthy, and that the weather holds out. Who knows, maybe we will have a Super Bowl baby.


How did your birth plan change as you neared your due date? What, if any, unexpected turns did it take and how did you cope with it?


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