Kipper’s Day 22 & 23

I have been under the weather and SCM has been gone at work so poor Kipper has been neglected and his Elf duties and activities rather suspended these last couple of days. While he hasn’t moved far from the piano in the morning LM still has plenty of fun with him throughout the day. She has learned that even if he isn’t in a new or different place she can do something fun and exciting with him. Ring around the rosie, toy car rides, being carried in the doll carrier, and eating with LM seem to be the favorite activities of Kipper these last couple of days.

Today Kipper has some time with SCM getting his “Owie fixed”. LM managed to, after trying all month, yank Kipper’s hat right off his head. Though she had been trying to accomplish the task of removing his hat she was very upset when it actually came off. Dada was quick to glue it back on and have Kipper back to normal in no time. LM was very concerned about him all afternoon and when we returned home from errands she gave him a pat and told him;

It okay Kipper all better. Hat on. All better Kipper. Good boy. Hat stay on.

She decided that once Kipper had his elf hat back on she should wear hers as well! I love how she has made “friends” with Kipper, and I am glad that he is all fixed up and ready for his hardest work of all these next couple of days. At least he has had a good rest in with two days off that he should be right on his toes for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

My Little Elf

My Little Elf


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