Kipper’s Day 19 & 20

Kipper’s Day 19

Kipper decided today was a good day for some bowling but he mixed up and had a Christmas ornament instead of the bowling ball!


LM thought it was hilarious that he had the ornament instead of the ball, but she quickly used Kipper and the ornament as a ball to knock down all her pins with enthusiasm.  Her activity for today was going to be to put her thumbprints or finger prints on the ornament and put it on the tree but she however decided she didn’t want to do that. Instead she wanted to play with it with Kipper and then put it on her special Christmas tree. She enjoys taking it on and off and because it is plastic I don’t have to worry about her when she gets to rough with it.


Kipper’s Day 20

Today was a messy day for Kipper as he was found making pancake mix angels on the dining room table.

elf20LM was very giggly at the fact that Kipper was all messy, but she was even more excited to lick, or attempt to lick, the pancake mix up off the table.  She quickly put Kipper by the sink to “clean him up” after she found him because she didn’t like that he was all white and messy. She attempted to lick the pancake mix off of Kipper which also resulted in quite the fun little mess. Kipper most definitely needs a bath now (ie mommy has to figure out how to clean him).


LM’s activity for today was making pancakes with mommy and daddy. “Making pancakes” involved drawing the pancake mix on the table, licking it off the table, stirring the batter, and then licking it off the spoon.
elf20.2While licking the spoon was by far her favorite she did make a very pretty picture in the pancake mix for daddy and I too. She was extremely proud of it, and it made me smile. The house may have been a mess when we were done, and Kipper may be more white than red for a bit but the excitement she got out of helping cook breakfast was more than worth it.


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