Ah- 3rd Trimester Insomnia

Well 32 weeks is here, and all the frustrating parts of my 3rd trimester are here as well, the biggest one being insomnia. It’s after midnight, 3 days until Christmas Eve, a million and one things to do that I can’t seem to remember so I sit frustrated and awake while the rest of the house sleeps soundly.

Tomorrow, or I suppose rather, later today, will be a challenge to stay awake and productive and find entertainment for LM as I am sure Dada will get called into work. With the snow fall that hit yesterday and no snow tires on my van nor desire to attempt to navigate the slick streets with my toddler we will be having a day at home. Home days can get a bit hard for LM and I as we both get a little stir crazy being cooped up. I am hoping in my insomniac state I can think of a good activity for us for tomorrow. Nothing has come to mind as of yet though.

I think the “stall” has finally happened in my brain in terms of my progression this pregnancy. I feel like this is just never going to end, and even though I know it will my emotional gauge has been all but level lately. I find myself all over the emotional map during the days and nights, something that I didn’t experience my other pregnancies. I am feeling drained and have been in more pain lately than I swear I was in giving birth to my first. My hips, back, and pelvis have felt a special kind of pain this last week that I am sure like many other fun symptoms will continue until this baby is born. I definitely feel like this pregnancy has made me a bit crazy.

I know it is still early to say it, but I really am just so ready to be done. I am trying to remind myself just a wee bit longer, just a little bit more, so here is to one day, one moment at a time as we move into this weekend.


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