Kipper’s Day 16, 17, & 18

I have not been feeling so great these last few days so I have been horribly slacking in both Kipper and his activities as well as posting about them. Ah the joys of the third trimester.

Kipper’s Day 16

elf16Monday I was feeling pretty sick and was laid up in bed so Daddy handled Kipper for the day. Kipper didn’t have an activity because he was too busy floating away with LM’s birthday balloons. LM did find it quite hilarious that Kipper was holding her balloons, and she spent the afternoon carrying them both around. I think LM’s biggest activity on Monday was getting in some good Daddy time which has been hard to come by lately between work and finals.

Kipper’s Day 17

elf17So Tuesday I really just didn’t have the energy so Kipper was found curled up in a blanket “taking a break”. He was a tired Elf and needed a day off. LM was very happy to see him resting and gave him her MagnaDoodle so that he could draw and rest. We all spent the day resting as my leg and pelvic pain has been beyond painful and moving around is excruciating lately and LM was more than willing to do nothing all day.

I am grateful that she is so understanding when I forget about Kipper or things get hectic. I think it is hilarious that she gets more excited about him doing silly nothings than some of her activities and I love that it just all fun for her. It warms my heart to see her get so much joy out of one silly little Elf.

Kipper’s Day 18

Today Kipper was found in quite the position. He was all tied up in the baby monitor cords, something LM found to be beyond hilarious.


 Even after she unwrapped him she spent the afternoon wrapping him back up and laughing the shouting “oh noes Kipper stuck”. It made me giggle.
elf18.2So, why was Kipper wrapped up in the baby monitor?

Well, LM trusty monitor broke the beginning of the week, and we have been trying very hard to find a new one that worked as well as our last. Kipper was wrapped up in monitor purchase #2 which sucked even more than monitor purchase #1 of the week. LM’s activity today was to help Mommy find a new simple audio only baby monitor that didn’t have feedback and didn’t pick up the neighbors house. Finally a Graco monitor was found that looks like it will do the trick. We are trying it for the first time tonight but so far – no static feedback so that is already better than the other two! YAY!

Though the activities that LM and Kipper do aren’t always Christmas related and sometimes don’t even happen at all she always has fun with him and enjoys seeing him and finding him everyday and to me, that makes it all worth it.


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