Kipper’s Day 14 & 15

It’s been a long couple of days between LM’s birthday party Friday and a wedding last night I am exhausted, so I fell asleep before posting last night.

Day 14


Today Kipper was found stuffed into a drawer in the kitchen searching around for the plastic trash bags. LM thought it was particularly funny that he was in the drawer.

Donation Bag

Donation Bag

Today’s activity is to take the bag and go through all of her toys and clothes and to decide what things she doesn’t want or fit into anymore and those items will be bagged up and donated to those who do need them. She found it very exciting to put everything in a bag even if she wasn’t completely able to understand the more complex meaning behind it all.

Day 15


Today was a lazy day in our household. Kipper was no exception as he was found snuggled up with LM’s most prized blankie this morning on the couch. Today our activities were for Mommy &  LM (and Kipper of course) to snuggle and watch football while LM filled out her Thank You cards from her birthday. Dada had Army work today so he wasn’t able to be home with us.

Kipper hugs and snuggles during lazy day.

Kipper hugs and snuggles during the lazy day.


Beautiful thank you note drawings.


What has your Elf been up to this weekend?


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