Kipper’s Day 13



Today Kipper was stashed most precariously in a box full of goodie bags. Since today was LM’s birthday her activity wasn’t at all Christmas related. Instead, her activity was getting to go pick up her birthday cake from the store with Daddy while Mommy and Kipper set up the house for her rainbow unicorn themed 2nd birthday party. Though she loves all of her activities she came home with her cake especially ecstatic about today’s adventure. The joy in her voice when she returned home and informed me that;

“Dada and me-me and the cake. We got the cake. mmmmm Cake. Yay. cake. Kipper have cake too!!”


was just absolutely incredible and heart warming. I think it was extra special too because their trip was in the first real snow fall of the season so there was an extra sense of magic to the day.

One of the best parts of LM’s adventure with Daddy today, for her birthday, was simply that he was able to be here. Daddy missed her first birthday due to his deployment so his ability to be present this year was extra special to all of us.



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