Kipper’s Day 12

elf12Today Kipper was found lounging in LM’s blow up swimming pool surrounded by pall bit balls. He looked very comfortable but LM was very concerned that he was “stuck” this morning. After removed Kipper she hopped in and was right on with her activity. Since it is frigid weather outside her activity today was to be able to play however she wanted in her pool of ball pit balls. She had a blast.

elf12.1We will use the ball pit tomorrow as fun for the kiddos at her birthday party but we figured a day early for her to explore, play, and get all her exercise with it was a great idea. After she warmed up to playing in she decided it was finally okay for Kipper to come back in a play too! She was slightly sad in the beginning though that we wouldn’t also put water in the pool. 😀


What activities do you do to stay active when it’s too cold outside?




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