Kipper’s Day 10

Kipper had an unusual day today to match LM’s unusual evening. On top of having a bit of a cold she decided last night that she was going to get up every 2 hours or so to use the potty. While we are very excited she is finally showing interest in potty learning it was a less than convenient time to start “getting it”. Since everyone was exhausted today and not feeling the best Kipper decided to hang out on the bathroom door with a very special Curious George Christmas dvd and a different kind of activity.


LM’s main activity today was continuing to work on potty learning in the daytime and her secondary activity was getting to cuddle up and watch her brand new Christmas dvd.


LM loved getting to watch her Curious George dvd and she did extremely well potty learning today. While we didn’t use the potty every time we had to she was very good about telling me when she wanted to use the potty and when she needed to use the potty. Each time she went in she went and was very proud. She even sat Kipper on the potty and clapped for him it was precious. LM gave Kipper a great many hugs today and a pickle too. 😀


Using Kipper to help with her potty learning turned out to be pretty effective and I am glad that it is continuing to help her have the desire to learn her independence a bit more and hopefully take this potty learning a bit further.

What unexpected things have your children learned from their Elf that you didn’t expect?


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