It’s official, I am 30 weeks pregnant! That means that I have really only one milestone to look forward to, and that is BIRTH!

The best milestone of them all is nearly upon me. As I sit and reflect on that fact that I have a maximum of 12 weeks left being Belly Baby’s incubator I realize that I am far more nervous this go around, baby number three, than I have been with my others. I am feeling less prepared this time in an organizational sense, I am feeling much more wiped out this time in a physical sense, in a mental sense however I am very ready to be finished with this pregnancy and finally be able to hold belly baby in my arms and see LM’s reaction to her new sibling.

The 30 week mark seems to be the point in pregnancy where the days start to drag by, and the weeks seem to never get any further. That point where you swear you might be pregnant forever. Every week your “number” goes up, but you are still so pregnant, often so miserable, and it commonly feels as there is no end in sight.

That dragging feeling is something I experienced with both my girls. With ODBD I think it was heavier because I was due on Christmas. The holidays drug to closeness and then she was 5 days late on top of that. I have the grumpiest Christmas pictures from that year, let me tell you.

With LM it drug because again I was approaching the holidays for being due and on top of that I was having complications. With her I was in labor for 4 days before anyone would shut up long enough to listen to me about it and why it meant something was wrong. Talk about MISERABLE!

This time around though I am due AFTER the holidays, well the biggest ones at least, and that has helped put me in a slightly faster mindset. At least for now. With LM’s birthday on Friday, then Christmas, then New Years, I am realizing that Valentine’s Day is not that far away and that just so happens to be the day before my official due date. Realizing all that I have left to do, how quickly the holidays will fly by, and how busy I will be, albeit slow in the physical sense I am feeling like belly baby’s arrival is much much closer than I had been realizing.

I can barely walk around without feeling like my hips are going to fall off, or that my belly might explode from being so tight. My breathing is much more difficult than it was even last week, and I anticipate will only get worse. I don’t move at a fast pace these days, or even very often. I commonly feel miserable, exhausted, and downright delusional but I am feeling that being able to slow down around all the fast this time of year is actually helping me focus better than trying to speed up in all the slow like I have done in the past. I am hoping I maintain the ability, through all my frustration and pain to keep with the quickness and the peaceful and finish out this final pregnancy on a good note.


How did you feel once you entered your home pregnancy stretch? What helped you combat the negative, the challenging, and the painful?


4 thoughts on “Milestones

      • Yes, first baby. Just trying to stay active and walk a mile or two daily. I also have a husband and a 13 year old stepson that I’m constantly cleaning up after…

      • Oh my goodness I am in awe and jealous of your ability to still walk that far. Hell, I have trouble walking that far when I am not pregnant. That is awesome that you are able to stay in that great of shape and keep moving and groovin. I went to the grocery store today for milk and eggs and had to stop 3/4 because I couldn’t breathe or move. So out of shape. Feel like I am falling apart. I do understand the picking up after. Mine is a 2 year old which is similar to a tornado. 😀

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