Kipper’s Day 9



Kipper was stuck in the pantry door this morning much to LM’s dismay. She gasp and put her hands on her cheeks when she saw him this morning, quite concerned for his well being. She was very excited that Kipper had another note for her.


Her note today read:

Hello LM,

Since Christmas is all about giving, I thought I would help you find some food for people who might not have as much. Once we find some, you and your daddy can go in the car to drop it off while I stay here and do elf stuff.

Love, Kipper

LM was very excited about the letter. We explained to her that she could gather up some things from the pantry and put them in a bag and then she would take them to the food bank to donate. She was VERY excited about being able to “unload” the pantry and to get to “go go go in the car”. While we loaded up food I discussed with her what we were doing and why we were doing it. I am not sure how much she actually gleaned from my words, but she listened to them very well.

It was frigid and icy when we arrived at the food bank, but she was very excited to hold the bag while Daddy helped her drop it off at the door. She clapped all the way back to the car. I am very glad that she enjoyed the process, and it is most assuredly something we will continue doing as the children age so they can learn the importance of giving back, especially to those in need.


Did your Elf get up to anything awesome today? What is a family Christmastime tradition focused in “giving back” that you like to do? 


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