Kipper’s Day 8



Kipper found himself in a pickle this morning all upside down in the Rice Krispie box. LM giggled in absolute joy to find Kipper being ornery this morning, and was even more excited to try a “new” cereal.

The activity for the day was to make homemade Rice Krispie treats this afternoon after church. That turned into quite the adventure.


Somehow we managed to get all marshmallows into the bowl and didn’t sneak any into ourmouth. Either of us. 😀


I decided that for time sake we would melt the butter marshmallows in my Tupperware stack cooker which took 2 minutes. When I took it out of the microwave LM exclaimed “FLUFF”. elf8.3

She loved scooping the Rice Krispies into the into the stick batter we had tons of fun with that. It was everywhere.

Mixing and playing having a blast.

Eating all the rice cereal off the table and out of the bowl. She was trying to shove as much in her mouth as humanly possible.

LM had such a blast making and mixing up the treats and is extremely proud of all her work. She tried a few bites after it was all made and very approving giggles about the sticky nature of them. Mommy forgot to grease or line the pan though so hopefully they are not glued to the pan in the morning and can still be eaten. Here is the bumpy, uneven, yummy result.


What did your Elf do today?


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