Kipper’s Day 7



Today Kipper came perched upon a tiny tree with a sanity saving activity. The tiny fake tree, garland complete with attached plastic ornaments, zebra stuffed ornament, and cross stuffed ornament were all laid out for LM this morning. She was so very excited and took to giggling when she noticed Kipper perched on the tree being silly.

Her activity today was to decorate her very own tree however she wanted. There was hope this tree of her own would assist her in keeping her hands off the big Christmas tree. It seemed to be successful today. (yay).


LM had so much fun decorating her tree and when she finished she told me to “take a picture” of it. Afterwards, she INSISTED that Kipper also was to go on the tree. Kipper decided to ride the zebra at the top of the tree. He had an exhausting day doing such because when we returned home from errands LM promptly “put him to bed” and made the fake snoring sounds to boot.

I am hoping the “little tree” will be a good investment ($3 at Michaels) to help as we learn to not play with the big Christmas tree.



What did your Elf get up to today?


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