Kipper’s Day 5


Kipper had some extra fun today as he was dangling from the cupboards when LM awoke. It took her a good bit of time this morning to find him as he was far above eye level, but she was giggling in excitement once she did finally located him. He was dangling there after putting up a little statue of Mary, Jesus, & Joseph. 

Her activity today tied right in with that as it was to help Momma put up the big Nativity set. Putting up the big set is the one time a year that she is allowed to get on the counters with me, and she had a blast doing so. She stood up there so well as Daddy handed her the pieces and she handed them to me. As she handed them to me we talked about who each person was. She even placed a couple pieces herself as I held her way up high (not easy this pregnant btw) and gave Mary and Jesus big kisses as she put them in their place. Daddy was close by to make sure neither of us took a tumble and to be our photographer. It was a great family activity.



All set up for the season! Cannot wait to get more decorations up for Christmas and it is so fun to have LM help with all of them.



What did your Elf get up to today?


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