Kipper’s Day 4

Day4 Elf


LM was very excited to find Kipper relaxing on the dining room table this morning surrounding by a very fun activity. All set up with paint and glitter Kipper had a set of Matryoshka nesting dolls all ready to be painted and designed just by her. These dolls are often seen in our Byzantine Catholic Faith and used  for a variety of purposes and activities. While often painted as depictions of Russian peasants or grand designs of Russian buildings, and churches, they can be found these days in many different styles.





LM’s design was far from the typical Matryoshka design but I know will be a huge hit as a decoration each year. SCM may add eyes and a face to them if LM approves once they dry. We opted not to do the WHOLE set today and just did the largest one. The rest we will finish throughout the season with different paints, or perhaps stickers and crayons as well. I cannot wait to see how she finishes the whole set.

Beautiful Finished Product!

Beautiful Finished Product!


Along with her activity today Kipper indulged in some more ring around the rosie, riding her stick horsey, and even having a not so pretend sip or two of milk. The fun and glee she gets from him each day is truly contagious and I look forward to it.

What did your Elf get up to today?


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