Kipper’s 3rd Day


Today Kipper was perched in LM’s play car with a special note in his arms which talked about the days activity. It didn’t take long for LM to find Kipper today, and she shrieked in excitement when she saw him “driving” her car. It made her happy all day long.



        In case you can’t read SCM- I mean, Kipper’s handwriting the special note reads as follows:

Hello, Naomi

I know how important it is to be active, so today’s activity will be taking a walk around the block with daddy to enjoy the wonderful winter sights. I will be here doing elf stuff while you are gone so don’t worry about the house.

Your friend, Kipper

We read the note together, and LM just could not wait to take her special winter walk to see all the lights in the neighborhood. She talked about it all day until daddy returned home from classes. Eagerly she put on her winter gear and insisted that our dog Harley join in the special walk. Mommy however was told to stay home because it was her special walk with daddy. I found that to be so adorable.

Elf activity day 3

LM is loving Kipper more and more every single day. I am glad that we decided to get him and how we have decided to have him play in our home. LM loves the activities every day, and I think it is good to teach her that Kipper brings activities vs mischief. After she finds him in the mornings she loves spending the day playing with him and setting him up to do things. Today she rocked him to sleep, gave him pretend water, and even played ring around the rosie with him, it was beyond precious. I love seeing the joy on her face each morning as she searches for him and throughout the day as she plays with him and helps him do things.

What did your Elf do today?


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