Kipper’s 2nd Day

Kipper Day 2

This morning LM awoke and after some high and low searching found Kipper precariously placed upon the TV with part of their activity for the day in his lap.

Kipper day 2 CP

A tube of gold glitter. Unfortunately, Kipper couldn’t hold the clear Christmas bulb and remaining glitter and paint cartridges while balancing on the TV so one had to do.

The activity today was to paint her clear ornament with her handprints and then cover it in the glitter color of her choice. It was quite the adventure for sure.

Day 2 Activity Handprint Ornaments

She wasn’t quite sure about the paint at first but quickly decided it was a pretty fun activity.


The results were less than perfect, but that is half the fun of it. They almost look like handprints. Once it dries I will add the year on it with a sharpie along with a hook, and we will put it on the tree with the rest of the ornaments.

Side 1 with gold glitter

Side 1 with gold glitter

Side 2 with red glitter

Side 2 with red glitter

LM really enjoyed the activity day and I really like the idea. I think it is a great addition to our Elf on the Shelf tradition and I look forward to what the season holds with it.


What did your Elf do today?


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