How we do “Elf on the Shelf” – Kipper Day 1

Day 1

How we have decided to do Elf on the Shelf:

When LM found Kipper this afternoon he was sitting in her highchair at the dining room table. We told her it was time to search for a special guest and we, together, looked all around the house for him. She was so very excited to find him. These are some of the things we discussed about Kipper.

  1. This is her Elf and he came down for Christmas time to visit her and to watch how she was behaving because he is a curious elf. It’s her job to teach him how to be a very good elf by showing him how she is a very good girl.
  2. He tells mommy and daddy if she is being a stinker and she can tell mommy and daddy if he is being one too!
  3. Every day Kipper will hide in a new place, sometimes even doing silly things, and it is up to her to find him and put him back in his spot, which we have decided is the piano in the living room.
  4. She is allowed to touch and play with her elf after she finds him but she has to put him on the piano when she is done so he doesn’t get lost.
  5. He doesn’t need to sneak in and out every night because Mommy & Daddy let him in and out.
  6. Every day Kipper will have a special Christmas activity he brings with him for us to do as a family. Sometimes it will be things like coloring, or making a gingerbread house, and other times it may be things like donating to the food bank, giving socks to the poor, or even just reading a Christmas book together.

As she grows older some of the rules of Kipper and the things we do with him may change but for right now we are keeping Kipper simple and fun, perfect for her nearly 2 year old self. As belly baby come out and grows older it will be one of her big sister jobs to help him learn about Kipper too!

While we might not do the tradition “by the book” so to speak I am confident that the way we have chose to embrace this tradition, will not only make it fit our family better but it will increase the longevity and dedication to the tradition itself. This tradition is also a fantastic bonding experience for us as a family and look forward to seeing where it takes us. You can read the original Elf on the Shelf story and tradition here.

Day 1 Highchair Napper

If you do Elf on the Shelf what was he up to on his very first day out? What are some of your favorite aspects of this tradition? What have you changed to fit your family?


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