Grateful Day 28

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Today in particular I have such a plethora of things that I am thankful for.

I am thankful first off to be able to spend my first actual Thanksgiving day since being married with my husband being home. I am extremely grateful that we were able to be a complete family this year and have the time to make some amazing 2013 memories.

I am thankful for the ability we had this year to be able to drive the 6 hours south to a small town called Hubbard, Oregon in order to spend 4 days, including today, with my amazing Great Grandfather. He is an amazing man who I have had the amazing privilege to know my whole life and I am so extremely grateful that LM has the opportunity to know her GREAT GREAT Grandpa. It is a rare and special gift and I hope he is around for a long while more. At 94 he still lives on his own which is incredible. I hope LM is able to have as many amazing memories with grandpa as I do.

I am thankful my grandparents were also able to come down to Oregon for Thanksgiving and we can all be together. LM also gets to spend the week with her Great Grandparents, oh how cool that is.

I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity this morning to be able to lay flowers on my Great Grandmother’s grave. It was the first thing I did this Thanksgiving morning. It has been nearly four years now without her and every day is still hard. To be able to say that I had 20 years to know, and love my Great Grandma though, is an absolute gift, she was an absolutely incredible women. I am still brought tears that by so little she missed my wedding and seeing me meet such a perfect man for me but I know how much she would love SCM just by how much Grandpa does. I value everything she ever told and taught me and I miss her so so very much and wish more than anything that she was able to know LM as I did. It was beautiful to be able to have a few close moments with her today and one of the flowers from her grave now sits every bright on my dashboard.

I am thankful for an amazing meal and time with my family today. Catching up on life, memories, and watching LM just have an absolute blast exploring. It all made my day and I am beyond grateful we have this chance to all be together.

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was absolutely wonderful and also wish to extend a very Happy Hanukkah to all those that are celebrating that as well today.


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