This will likely be our last baby as it continues to just take a deeper and deeper toll on both my body and my mind and that of my family. Because of that we decided that unlike with AB & LM we would “wait” to find out the gender. At least that is what SCM kept telling me we would do, and it was driving me mad.  The thought of being unable to plan, to know, to give the baby an identity was severely stressing me out. I felt like it was going to inhibit my ability to bond with belly baby, that I wouldn’t be as attached. It was making me rather unstable and to be completely honest it had me dreading my ultrasound.  Thankfully Sexy Czech Medic saw that, and when ultrasound day came around he presented a different compromise to me, one that came as a joyful surprise.

He proposed that WE (SCM and I) would find out Belly Baby’s gender but that we would choose to leave it a surprise for everyone else. That has allowed me to have some comfort and security in my planning and nesting abilities but still have a fun surprise come Febuary when Belly Baby is set to arrive. It is allowing me to have a great deal of fun with it and while I have no doubt as the next 20 weeks or so continue on that some people may catch on to baby’s gender I am finding the personal nature of having it to myself quite nice for the time being. It has most definitely reduced my stress which is always good when one is pregnant especially.

So, what is your vote? BOY or GIRL? Do you like finding out gender or do you prefer the surprise? Why?

Leave your guess and answers in the comments I would love to hear what everyone thinks. 



4 thoughts on “Surprise!!!

  1. I waited, and will do so with any future kids as well. My mom always said “there aren’t enough surprises in life,” and that resonates with me. Plus, hearing “It’s a boy!” after nine months of waiting and nearly 24 hours in the hospital was so amazing. I can’t imagine knowing beforehand, it feels like I would be all “yeah, I know.” 😛 I’m sure I *wouldn’t* be like that, but…yeah. I was wonderful and I don’t regret it at all.
    (though I’m definitely not one of those people who thinks finding out is horrible. to each her own! I love that we have the technology for people to find out if they want to.)
    ~ Emily

    • Wow Emily your patience is amazing, I just don’t have that gene. Lol. My mother however didn’t find out for all 7 of us. I really admire those with the will power and desire to wait nearly 10 months because it is so out of my comfort realm. 🙂

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