Halfway Already!

I have been having a hard time catching a spare minute or enough brain cells to hop on here and talk about life lately but am seriously hoping to get back on the blogging waggon. 


Here I sit now a little over halfway through my 3rd pregnancy. At 21w3d today I am feeling older and older every day. My body reminds me that not only have I done this before but that on top of doing it before I now have a toddler to chase, and man do I feel sluggish. I started out my pregnancy with severe sickness and lost nearly 20lbs that I really didn’t have to lose. After 20 weeks of fighting I finally have those 20 back plus 2! So the official record is that I have only gained 2 pounds though I fought hard to get those 20 pounds back too. I am more sore and slow and swollen then with my other pregnancies. I’ve been having Braxton Hicks contractions since about 18 weeks or so and they certainly aren’t going away anytime soon but all and all things to be plugging along without complication and hopefully that continues.

Belly Baby 20w5d


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