From Pockets to Hybrid Fitteds

Cloth has been the choice of bum covers for LM since her cord fell off at 6 weeks old.  Around 14 months we ran into a snag with our fluff. What was it you ask? Well, mommy got lazy. I got sick of stuffing pockets, my wash routine with Country Save was less than working. Leaving rashes on LM it became clear that she was “allergic” to it, or at least bothered by it. I switched her over to sposies for a couple of months out of sheer frustration and then decided I had to give it another go. I stripped all my pockets and put her back in them and “sucked it up.” and then I was introduced to these beautiful things.

So what exactly are they? They are One Size, Hybrid Fitteds. They aren’t water proof and some use covers for them. I don’t. They are considered “hybrids” because the insides look like this:

They have snap in double inserts and also commonly come with soakers (the white piece on the right).  Many last for 4 hours before they get damp on the outside. They, in my opinion, are easier to clean and have a routine with. They are softer and easier to put on and most of all NO stuffing. They can be a little more pricey $20-$50 depending on the brand but they are totally worth it. There are many brands my current favorites being Thala,  MoDia, Tangerine Baby, Hipster Fluff, & Baby Ten. I stick to those brands because I like to stay on the OneSize bandwagon for the sake of my budget.

I have also changed my wash routine from Country Save with water softener and way too many hot washes to all cold washes, no water softener and liquid Tide Free and Gentle. A CS scoop of it and a few cold washes after and things are clear and not smelly, rashes are gone, and diapers are soft as ever.

I am excited for the new adventure in fluff and while I still have some of my most favorite pockets I think these beautiful Fitteds are going to be making up our stash from now on. LM is definitely happier with the switch as well.


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