Father’s Day Sentiments

Father’s Day means a lot to some people and not much to others but for our family it is always a fun time, at least now. Raised for  a good part of my childhood by a single mom I grew up not celebrating Father’s Day because, well,  I didn’t have a Father. I had a wonderful, overachieving, amazingly strong, confident, and determined MOTHER but no Father. She couldn’t and wouldn’t ever be a Father because a Father’s role is far more than a set of things a “dad does” it isn’t a place that a single parent can fill because it is impossible to be two distinctly different people (at least baring all psychological disorders). My mom hunted with me, fished with me that still didn’t maker her a Father, just a really rockin mom. I am beyond grateful for everything my mother gave me growing up and all the trials and tribulations that she and we went through. It made me a stronger and better and more determined person, but even she will tell you that she was never my father, only my mother who did an amazing job with me in life. I never felt like I was “missing out” not celebrating Father’s Day. Can’t miss what you don’t know. 

When my mother married in my youth my Father adopted me and Father’s Day began to mean something and not just because my Papa’s birthday was commonly on the same day or the day after Father’s Day but because I had a person in my life that finally allowed me to understand the gratefulness that came with “Father’s Day.” It was much like the gratefulness I felt for my mother when Mother’s Day came around. I had someone to give me a different point of view than my mother when the situation arose, someone that initially processed information differently and viewed situations differently BECAUSE he was male and his role in my life was different than my mothers, someone I could joke and bond with but also someone that taught a different type of discipline then my Mother. This was a Father. My Momma & my Papa are vastly different beings who have taught me vastly different things throughout my life  and it is part of the reason I have now, as an adult and young adult been able to value Father’s Day with more clarity. 

So this weekend is Father’s Day weekend and this year not only do I get to celebrate the amazing things my Father has done for me in my life but it will be the first year that Sexy Czech Medic is HOME to share that moment with Little Miss. I am beyond grateful to have SCM in my life and in LM’s life. He is an amazing Father and support. I look forward to many many more years of our family celebrating what he gives to our crazy unit as we grow and learn with life.

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful husband who is an amazing father. Thank you for being the man you are for our children. I love you.

Happy Father’s Day to my wonderful Papa who didn’t have to be my Father but chose to because he is an incredible person. I have learned so much from you over the years even if we don’t always see eye to eye. I love you.

Happy Father’s Day to my Grandpa John who was a great support to me growing up and has always been there to lean on or give me a hard time. It is always great to see and spend time with you. I love you. 

Happy Father’s Day to my Grandpa Walt who gained me as a youth but loved me just the same. Whose always willing to give a hug or a support. I love you and you raised an amazing dad for me. 😀

Happy Father’s Day to my Great Grandpa Jess who is just an amazing man all the way around, who took in a family of, Ahem, crazy girls, and did an amazing job with them. Who loved my Grandma with more love than I have ever seen in a relationship and aspire to, You are and always will be an inspiration to me and I am so grateful that I have gotten to grow up with you and still have you in my life. That you are able to know your Great Great Granddaughter is truly a blessing to me. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the Father’s out there that have chosen to BE Father’s to their own children and show them the things in love only a Father can. Your children will thank you for being there for them. I hope you have an amazing day and know how important you are. 

Happy Father’s Day to all the Men out there who chose to be Father’s to children who have become yours. You are valued and loved, you are special and your ability to do what you have done is selfless and amazing. Your children will always be grateful and look up to you. Thank you for stepping up when other’s failed to. Have a beautiful and cherished Father’s Day.

From our family to yours have an amazing weekend!




Do you have any special Father’s Day traditions in your family?


One thought on “Father’s Day Sentiments

  1. John Dalton says:

    Thank you Chaleight this is one of the nices tributes I have ever read for fathers. I must say it brought tears to even these old eyes. Thank you again love you granpa John.

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