Adjustment for 3 please

I knew SCM coming back was going to be an adjustment for all of us but boy did I underestimate just how much of a wrench it would through into my schedule.

LM is doing better and has been playing and interacting with Dada no problem. Though him being home has caused bedtime to be a chore which is new, but I think some of that is age as well.

SCM is still feeling a bit of a fish out of water. His routine is all jacked up and he went from being around tons of people to having a shit ton of down time and it only being three of us. Errand outings are stressful and kind of overwhelming but he’s slowly coming around for it all. He will be starting school and work soon so that will help him get into a better routine.

Me. I seem to be one of the bigger challenges in the adjustment process. I am so used to it just being me and LM. I get up in the mornings, we eat breakfast and hang out, I watch crap TV while I bust out work, things are an odd sort of fast and slow pace all mixed into one. Now though, it’s a slow process that is one task at a time, all my moves and shows and things I want to do have commentary added to them. Multi-tasking doesn’t happen. My systems are in a complete funk and it is driving me batty. The bright side is SCM and I are able to discuss easily how it is making us both feel. I knew it was going to be a challenge as I am a bit of a control freak but I don’t think I could have prepared for the real mental shift it is taking.

I am leaving this weekend for a 2 day work vendor show and SCM and LM will be on there own and so will I. I find myself looking forward to this time, as me time. My pace. My work. They way I want it. I feel like that is a tid selfish but I think it might just be the air I need to refocus for another week of adjustments.

So – here is to another day with my whole family.

How long did it take your family to adjust? Were there things that helped or hindered the process?


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