Perhaps the reason “I DON’T” is because when I DO, I end up with an injury of some kind.

While I am kidding of course about the reasoning it is true that I am an injury prone person. Last night for example after cleaning the house, my Papa and brothers helping me with some yard work, and playing in the pool with LM I put her down to bed and attempted to tidy up the garage.

That is when the shelf by the garage side door decide it was a prime time for bracket number one to pull out from the wall, causing the shelf to tip and the contents, which included a baby swing, two boxes, and oh ya, a MICROWAVE, to come crashing down upon my head/person. And of course when I tried to reach my folks let them know, since it’s just me and LM at home right now – no one answered, any of the 6 numbers. *sigh* And here I thought cell phones were supposed to help with not being able to reach people. So much for that.

Final result. I have a concussion (that is what I get for trying to  be productive), my right foot is purple courtesy of whatever fell on it, my left leg is swollen from however I fell and I feel like I have been hit by a bus. It’s a good day to sit, and do absolutely nothing. However I have a toddler, so the sitting is not happening. Ironically, the microwave is still in one piece and functions, I tried it this morning. (lol) My garage is a mess though, and on top of everything last night my computer crashed so I was up all night having IT fix it, at least it kept me awake, since I couldn’t get in touch with anyone else. (lol).

Hopefully today is uneventful in every way possible because I have a freight train running through my head and limbs that feel as heavy as concrete. Man how I wish SCM was home right now so I could have a drink and go back to bed with ice packs. #productivitygetsmehurt


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