Are we Ready?

This past week I decided to swap my office with LM’s nursery. The size of the rooms are the same but the flipped layout made it much better to switch. During the switch we had to take the crib apart, boy was it fun chasing LM with bolts and pieces to her crib. Took me 15 minutes to find the allen wrench she stuck in her pants. Oh – toddler joys.

LM was quickly VERY excited at her crib not quite being a crib, and Harley, the family dog was pretty thrilled too.

I decided that we would try the “toddler” rail instead of her full crib bed since she was oh so excited about it and see how it went.  At 15 months I was in a toddler bed and SCM has no idea what he was doing, but I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. I quickly realized that in the house move months earlier I had lost the screws/bolts for the toddler rail so it was off to Home Depot and a Google of the missing instructions manual to get what I needed.

All set up and good to go we tried the nap time to see how it would go. Very quickly LM learned how to hop out of the bed, sneak out of her room so quiet I didn’t even here her from my bedroom and proceed to devour pantry items. You would think I never fed her, or Harley the way they were chowing down on bread and Doritos.  4 hours later there had still been no sleep and by now it was bedtime. So we gave it a valiant bedtime to go. 2 hours into that and my once wonderful sleeper was a mischief maker who was so distraught about being put back into bed she was hyperventilating.

I want to say I gave it a trial, a real one, but the truth is I didn’t. I caved. If SCM had been home maybe I would have continued to work with it, but with just the two of us and me needing sleep the full on crib rail went up at about 9pm that evening. We locked it in and I laid her town and low and behold not 2 minutes later, with no fuss LM was sound asleep.

What I learned from this experience is that while she is able to use a toddler bed she isn’t ready to understand what it takes to be in one so for now we are sticking with the crib and all getting a great nights rest.

When did your LO transfer to a toddler bed? What was your experiences with it?


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