Sometimes Mommy Needs a TimeOut

Yesterday, LM was being a particular brand of Toddler difficult. With a runny nose and congestion I knew that she wasn’t feeling well but that did not excuse her acting out. She was hitting, not listening, throwing, and just generally being a meany and I was quickly becoming frustrated with the behavior.

This was all happening while SCM happened to have called on FaceTime so not only was he able to witness LM’s meltdowns but his wife’s too. He was fantastic at encouraging me that it was going to be okay as well as reminding LM that she needed to behave and be nice as well.

At one point in the morning LM decided to look at me, laugh, and the spray water around the kitchen from her bottle. Under my breathe I mumbled “ugh, little shit”. I instantly felt bad and mumbled it loud enough that my darling husband had heard me over the computer. I didn’t have a second before it was off my lips that he was chastising me for it, and rightly so. He reminded me that talking about children or anyone that way was not acceptable and was in poor taste. He also told me that maybe it was time for us both to take a break from each other. I hugged LM and apologized for MY behavior and then, we took a nap. I laid her down and then I promptly curled up as well. 3 hours later, we both woke up in much better moods ready to take on the rest of the day.

As parents sometimes it is hard to admit when we make an “oops” in parenting, get overwhelmed, or lose our cool, but the fact of parenting is, it happens sometimes. Our jobs as parents is realizing WHEN it happens and FIX the issue. There is no shame, as a parent in taking a step back from a situation and re-evaluating. There is nothing “un-parental” in apologizing to your child for a mistake. Some times parental “time-outs” is best for everyone’s sake.

Everyone deserves respect which is something I have covered in the past but as with adults there are times that we “miss the mark” with our children. The bonus is, that we can rectify those “oops” moments by just taking a step back and trying again.



What are some of your parenting “oops” moments? How did you make it better?


2 thoughts on “Sometimes Mommy Needs a TimeOut

  1. I just yelled at GH tonight for him mumbling something about “being a jerk” to Humnoy. It’s so easy to say something out of anger and frustration but it’s yet so hard to remember that they’re people too, no matter how small (or annoying their toddler antics are). I’m so guilty if calling him a jerk too and I quickly realized I should be yelling at myself first before my husband! I just make a point to calm
    Down and apologize and do better. 🙂

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