A day in the life

of a now 15 month old!

LM has a lot of time for independent play with just the two of us in the house and she takes full advantage of everything in the home to learn and grow. We rarely do structured learning because she just is not all that into it but she loves exploring her senses all on her own with the things around the home.

She carried this carrot around ALL day. Yes, it’s a real carrot. She chewed on it, she played with it, she used it as a hammer. It was adorable to watch her explore with it and its uses.

She LOVES sunglasses. She will wear anyone’s but especially the ones I purchased for her a couple weeks ago.

She has “parties” with her kids Tupperware Sets and it’s ADORABLE! She pours from her pitcher while making a “ssssshhhhaaa” sound. Followed but multitudes of giggles. It makes me so very happy to watch her explore those things, place the pieces, in and out of each other. It will entertain her for hours.

(LOL) She adores using my bowls as hats and running around the house like she is wearing “Dada’s Hmut (Helmet)”  She is also small enough, or rather her Uncle E is big enough that they can share clothes. Below she is totally sporting my baby brother’s outfit. (hehe)

She also love taking my Origami Owl boxes, opening them and sticking them on her nose. She enjoys the feeling and laughs every time.

A few weeks ago we tried “sensory bags”. Rice/pudding/dried flowers etc. and LM had ZERO interest in any of it, but these things, the things around the house. The way the carpet or rug feel, the way the piano sounds, the way it feels when she jumps off the coffee table or the way it feels when she runs around with a bowl on her head clanking other Tupperware pieces together, that is what she is all about and I am completely okay with that. She is learning and independence along with a structure that will benefit her a great deal as she grows up. I look forward to seeing where to continues to lead her!


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