Respect comes in many forms but respect should not change based on the age of an individual. Everyone deserves it, it shouldn’t be dictated by mood, by age, by gender, by race, by anything.

One of my biggest pet peeves, something that will send me from zero-hot in an instant is being “shushed” and being talked over. Both of those things I find to be extremely disrespectful, rude, and uncalled for. Many people, when that happens say, “Don’t treat me like a child” with that I ask, why is it that we find it appropriate to treat a child as such? If we dislike it, if we find it rude, then why on earth would we treat someone else like that, no matter their age?

The fact is, we shouldn’t.

So how do we change a behavior that is so easy to slip into? By doing what we so often ask children to do; we use our words.

Instead of “shushing” get down on a child’s level and explain to them why they need to be quiet, or change their attitude. If you use words with them, they will use words with you.Likewise, if you are speaking to an adult or young adult that is acting in a similar manner the same rules apply. Explain to them, “maybe we can talk about that in a minute,” “Now isn’t the best time for that, maybe later,” “That is a good thought, let’s discuss it more in a little bit.”

Communication is vital from the beginning, if you want it later, you need to start it now, and that holds true for all aspects of ones life. So today when you go about your day remember to show that respect comes in all forms and is deserving by all people no matter who it is or how YOUR day is going.


A smile for your day. LM rocking her new sunglasses.


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