Go in Peace, Good & Faithful Servant

There are some people that come into your life and then move forward like a flash, there are some that linger, and there are still others that make a deep and everlasting impression.

My Uncle Edward was one of those people that made a lasting impression. Ed showed more compassion, strength, love, faithfulness and perseverance than anyone I’ve ever known.  Even when there was bad news, or a rough day he always found a positive lurking in it all. He always had a smile, a laugh, and a really corny joke to pass along to all in his path. Though Ed struggled with epilepsy he never let it be an excuse for a bad day, he never complained about it, he bore his burden with the love of Christ and he showed that love to every person he met, no matter who they were.

The cross that he carried in this life, his epilepsy, finally called him home to his Heavenly Father Friday, February 15,2013 after he experienced a seizure and did not awaken from it. Edward was 44 years old.

Ed leaves on earth his parents, brother, sister, countless cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts, and uncles as well as multitudes of friends.

Though he is gone from this world we do not mourn out of fear or uncertainty, for we know that he sits in Heaven assisting at God’s Holy Alter like he always wanted to do, we mourn out of selfish sadness at such a wonderful and awe inspiring man, friend, brother, son, uncle, cousin, nephew no longer being here with us.

Blessed Repose and Eternal Memory Good and Faithful Servant Edward

May the Soul of the Faithfully Departed  Rest in Heavenly Peace.

Uncle Ed

uncle ed 2


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