13 Months

Little Miss turned 13 months old this last Sunday and boy was it a fun day. Not only was it the day we found my dream dress but it was also the day she started walking/running.

She toddles around all the time now, constantly using her new found freedom of two vs. four limbs to move around with pride and giggles. As she walks she laughs, claps, and even shrieks with excitement as she plows around the house.

Daddy (SCM) was able to call this morning after a week or so of silence and LM was more than willing to show off her new skills. Running back and forth from the Ipad, clapping and shouting “Daddy Daddy Daddy HI Daddy” over and over again. Her mood significantly increases when she is able to see her Daddy.

In other news baby pig tails are still the cutest things EVER and LM has enough hair to have them. It makes me giggle every time.


She is getting so big and I just can’t believe it. It is wonderful to see her grow and learn. She loves sitting in her play corner reading her books to herself. She is fiercely independent like me and extremely meticulous and musical like her Daddy. It is amazing to see those parts of us in her as well as to see the parts that are just so uniquely her own. She is quite amazing. I can’t wait for the day that Daddy is home and we can sit together and enjoy our beautiful family.


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