Happy New Year

Yes, I realize it is the 7th but I rang in the New Year hacking up a lung in bed with a sick, feverish Toddler being completely miserable and whining like a big baby to SCM that I wished he was home to take care of us. Over a week later, this particular brand of ick started a few days before Christmas, we both still have a lingering cruddy cough and LM has a nose that never seems to be vacant of dripping baby snot. It’s been so bad she is almost tolerable to the nose sucker now.  We are hoping this crud passes soon but it seems to be infecting everyone like the plague. My parents and siblings are all down for the count too and with the current weather of mounds of snow, ice cold, and wind I see the sickies looming until Spring. Oh how I loathe the winter time.

In the midst of the ickies here are a couple shots from Christmas.

How was your Christmas/New Year? How do you combat the winter time sickies?


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