Looking Back, Day 3

So today was “the day”. I waited out my contractions at home in tears until SCM came back from his final and then I told him, “I am done, I can’t handle it anymore, we are going in.” And so we did. I was checked and checked some more. LM was head down and then not head down, it was a mess. I got to the hospital at 10am and was finally moved from triage to Labor and Delivery at 730 pm. It was a LONG day.

You can read the whole birth story here. It certainly was not a pretty slice of pie, but what matters is that in the end is that I had a beautiful baby girl who is healthy and happy.

This is the first picture I saw of her, SCM sent it to me from the NICU.

After all that time, I was exhausted but my Little Miss was born at 0156 am December, 13, 2011. Then she was 7lbs 11oz 20inches long.

Today  – She is 19lbs 6oz and 30 inches long, with a personality that lights up a room and a smile that makes even the grumpiest of people smile back.


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