Looking Back Day 1

This week I will be taking time each day to look back to this time last year, as I was getting ready to birth my beautiful LM. Who turns ONE on Thursday!

I was huge and uncomfortable, in fact at this point last year I had already started labor but no one would believe me. So I sat at home, uncomfortable as LM hung out very obviously transverse. I wished SCM would come home from taking his final, that my water would just break, that anything that would be considered progress would happen. But it didn’t. So I sat, numbing myself with my internet forum as my contractions continued with less than 20 seconds between them. I couldn’t walk, couldn’t eat simply because I couldn’t stand long enough to make anything. It was miserable.

This year I have a beautiful little girl who has more personality at 11 1/2 months than I thought was possible.

The biggest thing I learned today a year ago is patience because my stubborn little beauty wasn’t coming out, no matter how much *I* wanted her too! That stubbornness is something she still holds and shows on a daily basis.

As I prepare for my Little Miss to turn one this week I am grateful for that time last year where I sat at home, cursing that SCM had finals, angry that I was still pregnant and in so much pain, angry that no one would listen to what I had to say because it has taught me so much, including how to handle things the next time I am pregnant. Because Mama KNOWS when something isn’t quite right! And I feel now that if I had been more secure in that my birth with LM would have ended MUCH differently than it did.

What did a Year teach you about your child? What did you learn as a parent that maybe surprised you?


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