Cloth Diapering

I thought I had it down, cloth diapering an infant that was breastfed was easy. No problems, no rashes, and then she started eating solids and now, it’s a whole new world. It’s  like re-learning how to cloth all over again.

There are days when it is easy, nice and easy to plop poo and no rash, and then there are days where it looks like the pooped out a jar of peanut butter, and the days when all the sudden she has a nasty red rash from too many citrus fruits.

So where does one start.

My first recommendation is to buy a diaper sprayer, you will need it! It comes in extremely handy for those peanut butter days. I simply spray off, pull insert (since I use pockets), and place in my wet bag.

My Second recommendation is that if your child has sensitive skin and more peanut butter days than plop days, invest in some liners. You can use flush-able liners to help dispose of the peanut butter a little bit easier.

Third, be prepared for rashes. Rashes in cloth are rare, but when little ones start solids rashes can indicate allergies, or that your child is getting too much of a certain time of food and their urine concentration is too acidic. Liners will also help in this case. The liners will allow you to put diaper rash cream on your LO as well as wick the moisture away from their sensitive skin. While they make cloth safe creams I like to add a liner just to be on the safe side. If you don’t want to use a disposable liner, fleece or flannel liners work great for this as well.

LM recently has been battling a rash that is from a combination of too many apples and the city adding stuff to our water. She has been on liners and special creams for a week or so now. Knowing that even in that instance I can continue to use cloth allows me the peace of  mind that I can continue to put something safe on her bum and help the environment at the same time. I also don’t have to worry about disposable blow outs and leaks, which is a huge stress relief in and of itself.

You won’t be going through as many diapers in a day as they age but I still wash every other day to avoid mold or smells since some of them are wet from being sprayed down. This reduces ammonia build up and will have you doing smaller loads than before.

Now that they are more mobile as well, some of their best fitting diapers may not fit so well. It may be time to change the snap rise if using one-size diapers, sometimes to a larger setting sometimes to a smaller one as they lengthen out. Or you may find that your most loveable brands and patterns just aren’t quite right and it may be time to try some different ones. 

With all the size changes of LM MoDia Diapers still fit her the best followed by Alva’s.  While we still own some of the Sunbaby’s they don’t quite fit her as well as they used to. They are a tid too short and narrow for her mobile booty but we still use them on occasion, like when mommy forgets to do laundry :).

Most of our MoDia Stash

Most of my complete stash


What cloth worked best for your LO? What some tips/tricks you learned after your LO started solids?


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