Is that Edible?

LM is now 10 1/2 months old, oh my where has the time gone, and eats anything and everything she can get her hands on. Even if it isn’t technically edible, like the tissue box I may have left to low, or the dog’s food or her favorite board book. Babies and Toddlers will get into ANYTHING they can and try to stick it in their mouth. So what are some good things that allow them to exert their independence and still allow them to be eating something safe for baby/human consumption.

On of LM favorites are the PLUM Organic Pouches. Giving her a good taste of a variety of different fruits and veggies with no worries about added chemicals it also allows your child to feed themselves. Great for those, like LM, you aren’t into spoons. And if you have a particularly independent little one they may do like LM and show off by using no hands at all. 🙂

And if you don’t mind that they will be everywhere, you will find them for days and in everything, cheerios are a great tool for little ones. On top of being a good snack solution it helps to develop fine motor skills as they learn to pinch and grasp each little circle. I have discovered recently as well that Goldfish seem to also be a big hit and again good for motor skills.

Day to day LM still nurses strong but that doesn’t curb her desire for the foods that everyone else is eating. Or the drinks. Now a pro at drinking water from her sippy cup she also has mastered a love for egg-nog, though mommy milk is still her favorite. She also eats all the same foods I eat and is proud of it. Most days I don’t even cut it up because she and her sixth teeth like to “run the show”.  She is boldly independent. She has however made it known that she is not a fan of certain foods such a lunch/deli meats and green beans (gets that one from her daddy.)

On top of the food she eats it is a daily battle to keep the dog toys out of her mouth, keep her ever so mobile self out of his kennel, his food, the trash, and the desire to eat all of her books. While it is challenging to help her realize what is edible and what is not so edible I wouldn’t trade a day of it for anything. Watching as her skills develop and grow is truly astounding. Baby led weaning has been extremely wonderful for us as it has allowed LM to explore, eat, and develop at her own natural pace and has allowed me to come to terms with the ever apparent fact that my little baby is growing into a toddler very quickly.

She LOVES cookies, Particularly taking them from mommy and chowing them down.

What were your children’s favorite foods/drinks as they got older? What didn’t they like? 


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