Well – Where have I been, right? I’ve been swamped with a baby growing up and being VERY mobile, a baby brother (yes brother) being born, a flood of house guests, Tupperware fun,  deployment wins and woes and endless insomnia leaving me topic free.

My goal starting today however is to start getting back into this on a regular basis. But where do I start?

I am going to start with Tantrums – every parent has to deal with them but how do you respond to them? How does one affirm their child without affirming the tantrum? Tips and Tricks that work for chilling out a tantrum and tips for a frazzled mommy  or daddy.

Next I am going to go into Surviving a deployment with an infant. I talked before about how I am not a “single parent” but that I am Independently Parenting. The “independent” part can get challenging. Tips and Tricks for keeping a healthy and motivated mindset with your SO is away.

Then I am headed into some food reviews and checks as Little Miss is on a more solid diet.

From there we are going into Cloth Diapering when your baby is on a more solid diet, since it’s a whole new world from EBF diapers. I feel like I am relearning the ways of cloth 9 months in.

After that we will be exploring the variety of carriers on the market and what they can do for you? What ages they work well at and the biggest thing (at least for me) how much weight/pull they put on your shoulders and back.

With that somewhat aching topic covered I will introduce you to the wonder of Cranial Sacril Therapy and what this gentle realignment technique can do for you AND your baby.

After CST is covered I figured we would switch gears a little bit and go into a more family centered topic of, well, how to stay family centered. Balancing a common fast paced lifestyle with family obligations and how to not take on more than the family can handle.

Rolling with the Family theme I am going to cover 25 things you can do as a family for free or little cost that will build lifelong bonds and memories. Family time is something we don’t take enough stock in these days.

After that I am going to cover some great deployment gifts for your SO’s. Care packages make their days and are fun for us to make so I am going to discuss how to put one together, things that us Momma’s can put in them and awesome things our kids can add to them as well.


So this is where we are headed to give you a little bit of a look ahead. I am excited to see where it leads. Please feel free to email me or comment about any blog ideas you would love to see come up on D&D and I will get on those trains too.

With the blog getting back on it’s feet – I figured a change is needed so I will leave you today with a 9 month old Little Miss (wow- where has the time gone?) and my new look!


I decided to go a little lighter again. Naturally my hair is a more red with blond undertone. So the black is out and the blond is back and we are starting with some higher motivation.

Stay tuned for more!!!!

What do you think of the topics? What do you think of the change? Ready for an adventure? 


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