The Art of Mommyhood

LM is napping and this will be my only chance today to blog. Ironically this time gave me a topic. “The Art of Mommyhood”

It really is an art that we can multitask like we do, balance, and juggle so many things at once. I have been low on water lately so I filled up Sexy Czech Medic’s extra camelback and am sitting on the couch, pumping, with the camelback straw in my mouth drinking water, blogging. Yup it certainly is a site to see.

I’ve always “multi-tasked” but it just isn’t the same until you have children. You find creative ways to keep everyone happy, clean, and set to go. Sometimes you fail, but more often than not you rock it, even if you don’t feel like you do.

This afternoon I was cleaning the nursery and moving LM’s mattress down since she has learned to climb and she was a little fussy. So I set her in her hamper while I picked up the last few things, she was soooo happy. It is amazing how the little creative things can totally change an attitude of cranky baby and overwhelmed Mummy!

What are some of your favorite/most memorable multi-tasking moments with your children? What are creative things that have made them happy?


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