I am not a “Single Parent”

Since Sexy Czech Medic has left I have had a lot of people ask me

How is it being a single parent?

The first time it was said I didn’t know how to respond. I brushed it off. But the more and more it was said to me, the more it bothered me.

I respect single parents a great deal, they have had to work and overcome many obstacles to parent on their own – and that is just not my title to have. I was raised by a single parent for 9 years until my mother remarried it is hard work.

I am not a single parent.  I am a married mother taking care of her family on her own while daddy is away for work. I have the blessing of staying home with my baby while daddy works, even if it takes him far from us. So instead I look at it in the light that I am an “Independent Parent” right now. I am solo but I am not single.

So now when people ask me that question I finally have an answer.

I am not a single parent – I am independently parenting.

Normally with that response I gather some strange looks and I have to explain myself but I think that is an important thing to clarify. At least for me, it is.

So here’s to all those single parents and all those independently parenting! Kudos for being able to keep it together when you are on your own!


How do you view yourself when your SO is away in terms of parenting?


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