The Power of Skin to Skin

Skin-to-Skin with ones infant can do wonderful things for both mama and baby. Baby naturally wants to be against their mothers skin and having that comforting time together can lead to less fussiness, better nursing, and a better disposition for your little one.

Mothers of NICU babies have even said the skin-to-skin “healed” their babies faster.

As infants laying back and placing your newborn on your chest allows them to find the breast on their own, naturally, the skin to skin is soothing and the natural latching leads more often to a better breastfeeding experience.

This is a good little quick article about STS and how much it can benefit parent and child. Especially, but not exclusively breastfed children.

Skin to Skin

While skin-to-skin is important in infants it doesn’t stop there. While there is nothing saying how long STS can/should be used I think at least to a year and for sure while they are nursing it is an invaluable gift.

LM is nearly 8 months old and we still do skin-to-skin, especially if we are particularly fussy (either of us). I find that if she is stressed out STS soothes her almost instantly, it also allows her to find and nurse on her own which brings us even closer. If I am stressed out I find it winds me down and helps me remember the blessings in my life and that no matter how crazy my independent parenting (time without daddy) gets it brings me back down to the reality of enjoying LM’s childhood.

LM has really been fussy lately. Missing Daddy and cutting teeth, and just general baby fussiness. I’ve been a little frazzled trying to keep it all together. After a soothing 15 min of skin to skin time mommy and baby both were relaxed and ready to take on the rest of the day.

Skin to Skin time with LM

Did/Do you do Skin-To-Skin with your LO? How old are they? What is your* favorite thing about Skin-to-Skin with your babe?


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