Teething with Sanity

LM is 7 months old today. At nearly 17lbs and 27 inches long and rolling all over creation she is getting big fast. In fact she even has her very first tooth!

Learning that she finally had a tooth came the hard way when she chomped down nursing this morning. The yelp I let out made her giggle and then tear a little because it startled her.

The drool and continual gnawing were a little giveaway that she had been teething but she didn’t have the typical over the top fussiness that goes along with. I thank two very awesome products for this.

The Baltic Amber Teething Necklace: the stone in the amber has soothing properties and help reduces pain and fussiness associated with teething. For around $20 they can change a babies demeanor for the better during terrible teething times.

I was skeptical about this as was SCM in the beginning – and then we left it at home home day. Never did that again I can assure you.

LM’s stays on at all times now, even when she sleeps. It fits snug enough that she doesn’t chew on it, but not too snug that she will choke.

The second sanity-saving device I keep around is Mother Rose Teething Drops. I tried Hylands Teething Tablets but they just didn’t do the trick. These all natural drops soothe instantly and taste like pumpkin pie  in my opinion.

 Now I have a LM that is working on tooth number 2 and is in a pretty good mood about it. It makes me feel better that she can teethe in a little less pain with a little help from two very simple – natural things. 

When did your LO get their first tooth? What things helped your baby get over the teething blues?


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