A Move into Solids…Kinda…

I am blogging twice today making up for some lost time.

This last week LM made the jump to really wanting food – so we pureed some carrots and gave it a try. It was a HUGE success. She loved them. Ate almost all of  it in one setting. We aren’t giving them to her every day just when she really shows an interest – she still nurses practically 24/7 and I am okay with that.

So at 6 1/2 months old she has officially had her first taste of food.

It’s a little bittersweet for me because she is getting so big but I love her happy face when she is eating – it is adorable to watch.

I am glad that I waited and followed LM’s cues as to when she was ready and didn’t push her before.

Here is her happy carrot face!

Mmm Carrots!


“Oh my goodness Mummy is giving me food!!!”

What was the first food your child tried? Did they like it?


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